Sunday, December 27, 2009

The meaning of ALL STAR!!

Valentines Day:
Jessica Biel
Jamie Foxx
Anne Hathaway
Kathy Bates
Emma Roberts
Eric Dane
Queen Latifah
Jennifer Garner
Jessica Alba
It should be great! I was just looking at movie times, Sherlock Holmes looks REALLY good....
We just took down the Christmas Tree. It barely felt like Christmas.
All this time makes me want to write, and I don't know what about. It annoys me.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

She has done it again!

Every year, to celebrate her birthday(Dec. 13), turning 20 this year, and the new year, Taylor gets a haircut with bangs. This year, it's different. She was spotted yesterday with her hair a shade lighter and straight. She swore she would never straighten her hair again because she had done so everyday of her 2 year High School career. I don't know. I was shocked. She looks like Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully this straight hair kick isn't permanent! I just can't get used to it!
Love love love,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At School and Parties

Shout out to Julianna: At my school, they can't cram all the torture into one year, so it is a two year course.

I am not a big party girl. I like to have fun with friends. That's why by birthday parties usually consist of 5-6 girls.
Christmas party- 20 people, co ed. 3 people said they can't come, Mom says to invite more. I think I've run out of people. It's not a popularity contest. I just know there are other people out there who would like to have something to do on a Saturday night than homework. I invited all the people that sit next to me in all of my classes... except Spanish... she's different.... A lot of these people I don't really know. Siblings are invited, friends are invited, and I can only come up with a possible 17. I don't know what I'll do. Stay tuned to find out!
Love love love

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pictures/ Christmas

I have a really good camera. I used to be one of those kids snapping pictures of everything. Black and white photographs amaze me. I don't use it so much anymore. I really should. I have a million frames and no pictures! I don't know what I want.

Why does everyone want presents. I like giving gifts. Deciding what to ask for is hard. You can't ask for a record contract, a maid, or self folding/hanging clothes, or someone to do your AP:World homework... on a break. Taylor Swift Christmas CD- Christmas must be something more. Check it out!

My teacher gave us a study guide to do that takes 3-4 hours, a take home quiz, and a huge packet to read and highlight. Not only that, but no "Have a good break, have fun with your family." Nothing. He told us to spend time with family and maybe make a family tree for a Heritage project we are about to start. Crazy. AND, my cousins are here, so I have no time until Saturday and Sunday, I don't think it'll be easy to concentrate.

Love love love

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon- Team Jacob from the start!

Absolutely amazing. Although it didn't cover enough of Jacob's relationship with Bella, was absolutely fantastic. Even in these tough economic times, $8.00 to see this movie is well worth it and then some. Although, Jacob could have left his shirt off a little more... :) LOL. This movie is very prone to spoilers, so I am limited at to what I can say, but it ties very well with the book(around $14 at any store books are sold, also well worth the money...), and Jacob doesn't look terrible with shorter hair. I like it longer, but he could NEVER be ugly.
Love love love

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freedom of Speech

Something we all learn before age 10. What about the freedom of listening.
Now for those of you who do not know me, I am a fairly good listener. I don't mind those who say the same thing 2, 3, 4, even 5 times in the same exact words. It is usually in different conversations, and I'll admit I forget sometimes.
You shouldn't get mad if I stop listening after the 5th time. I am not a stupid girl, by then, I've got it.
I will always try my best to be there for you through whatever you need, but I can only say the same thing in a few different words. There's nothing I can do after that. I will try to explain it the best I can, if you don't get it, tell me, or go get outside help.

First day of Square Dancing, a partner that can't listen and can't take simple directions from a P.E. teacher. I can't take it.
I'm not one to say that the entire human race is stupid, but when you have no disabilities... What's that song, Help me from myself...? Something like that....
I don't know, people astound me. All people, not just the unbelievably lazy.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Final Decision: To BUY

I changed my mind. I found a couple that are pretty cool.
12 years, wow.

Friday, November 13, 2009

To Buy or NOT to buy?


Everybody is getting them. EVERYBODY wants them.
I think they are cool, I'd wear it, but for how long?
I'm not in love with any of the styles.
It is a LOT of money for a ring... $250!
Mom and Dad said I could get one if I want.

The plan is NOT to buy so far.... Advice?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sesame Street + some good old sarcasm

This year has been hard. It's not over. With hard economic times, EVERYONE has been effected. Cookie Monster has been changed into Veggie Monster. As with most businesses, some members of Sesame Street have been evicted. Don't laugh. I am taking this seriously. Well, now they've celebrated their 40th anniversary! Well, with the world supposedly ending in 2012, this may be just the beginning....
Aliens will finally be visiting Earth(According to my science teacher, who believes in my theory that alien may very well exist, it's just that we don't have the technology to get to them, and they(As far as the U.S. F.B.I knows)don't have the technology to come here...)

Pigs will rule the Earth due to all the Swine flu. Go Pigs!

No one will keep reading my blog because they all decided that I'm crazy to listen to my Taylor Swift Holiday collection CD (available for $7 at Target) before Thanksgiving. That's right. I am still a huge fan. Even though the judges think that they should pick the one guy in 50 girls to go up for the competition. I didn't win.

I had a very sarcastic day. Not FANTASTIC. NOT Bad.

My mom is going to the Guitars and Stars concert that I said no to because I figured I would have too much homework. Well GUESS WHAT!!! I'm more peppy and awake than I have been in forever(despite one of our cats coming in at 3 in the MORNING to wake me up by puking on my floor!), AND I have no homework. ALL my projects are done too!!!! DANG!!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Okay, so voting ends on the 30th.
I have two projects- English and Spanish, both due on Nov. 6th. Both of them need to be in a book. Weird... I went to Michaels. Perfect.
Both languages,
Both writing projects.
Small World.
Sorry for getting that song stuck in your head.
Sorry for mentioning it, so if you didn't have it stuck in your head, you do now.

Actually... I'm not sorry. It is the beginnng of my plan to take over the world!! MUHHAHAHA!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have been ghosted. I refuse to put that disgusting pumpkin on my blog. This one is much better!
Voting ends TOMORROW!! They announce the winner on the 2nd. I'm nervous....
School was fast and everyone was really funny. REALLY Funny!! I've got nothing interesting to say. Bored... Bored. Bored.
Love love love,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sometimes, it is just good to know they know your name.

I can't even express how much I am grateful for your votes. I am confident that you all know those moments in the shows that a boy doesn't even know a girl who is in 4 of his classes.
I've known this kid since the fifth grade. I DO NOT like him, but he didn't remember me when we have the same Lunch, English, Health, and AP World. Crazy.

I met some new kids at a party my awesome neighbor Justin had. They remembered my name-- I brought cupcakes and cookies. I brought enough for 100, there was 11 kids that showed up.... sugar.

I haven't spoken to any of my insane neighbors in while. Life is good. Oh, the latest drama, they blamed me for a fight I only witnessed. I have been to the main office 5 times in my whole life, NONE of which were my fault. People can be really mean.

I am getting to know more kids at school. I haven't found a new best friend.... I found an old one, a JR. that helped me with some tips on the AP exam in May. I'm already freaking out about that. We spent 7th grade Track running with him. Good times....

Love love love,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Post # 100

Mile Marker. It hasn't even been a year yet. Wow. You guys really like to listen to me blab on and on about high school stories!

It hit me this morning that you guys really care.
Last night around 7p.m. I checked the votes and I was at 108.
This morning I was at 409.
That's 300 + votes!
No, they are not mine. I REFUSE to vote for myself.

I am so grateful for your votes here, words cannot even describe!
Voting ends on October 25th.

If you are tuning in now, scroll down for more info.
Thank you SO MUCH!!
Love Love Love

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love my readers

I love my readers because they listen to me and my blabbing on and on about things no one really wants to listen to. I also love my readers because they help me with things. I am not begging, but...

I have done a video for a Sing Like Taylor Swift Contest. The winner will get an autographed Fearless box set valued at $150. You videotape yourself singing karaoke to a Taylor Song, send it in, and people vote. The voting is for entertainment purposes only, but it DOES INFLUENCE the judges's opinions. I would be eternally grateful if you would go to this link. You just click the vote button. No limit on votes, but please don't spend all day just clicking the vote button for me! The winners from 6 different markets will go head to head for a chance at the following:
Trip to Nashville,
Plane Tickets,
Hotel acomodations,
CMA tickets-gold circle,
Kellie Pickler tickets,
AND a meeting with an executive at Taylor's record company!

Thank you so so much!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!
I want to have a party....
I want to have it around 7.

No good movies.
Midnight bowling is too late and a lot of the people I want to invite are going anyway.
I JUST invited some people over to the house.

I could host the party at the local icecream shop/mini putt putt. It's the best I've got.

ANY IDEAS?!?! Please get your friends! I need an idea ASAP!
I'd like to spend less than $100.

Thank you!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wow. This is the first year that I've actually felt myself get older. Weird...
Thank you Yaya and Company.
Party is today.
Cheese cake or apple/cherry turn overs!
I haven't had cheese cake in forever!!! Yay!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Email EVER

Family Tree of Vincent Van Gogh:

His dizzy aunt ----------------------------------------------- Verti Gogh

The brother who ate prunes------------------------------- Gotta Gogh
The brother who worked at a convenience store ------ Stop N Gogh
The grandfather from Yugoslavia ----------------------------- U Gogh
His magician uncle -------------------------------- Where-diddy Gogh
His Mexican cousin ---------------------------------------- A Mee Gogh
The Mexican cousin's American half-brother ------------ Gring Gogh
The nephew who drove a stage coach --------------- Wells-far Gogh
The constipated uncle ------------------------------------- Can't Gogh
The ballroom dancing aunt -------------------------------- Tang Gogh
The bird lover uncle ------------------------------------------------Flamin Gogh
The fruit-loving cousin -------------------------------------- Man Gogh
An aunt who taught positive thinking ------------------ Way-to-Gogh
The little bouncy nephew ----------------------------------- Poe Gogh
A sister who loved disco -------------------------------------- Go Gogh
And his niece who travels the country in an RV --- Winnie Bay Gogh

Got this from my Dad. Had to share. Here you go!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

High School is Hard

This is just a few Why? retorical questions. I am not complaining, just voicing an opinion:

Do kids have to be so to themselves, what's wrong with talking to other people?
Kids feel the need to make out in the hallways- it is disgusting.

When I started writing this, I thought it was going to be a lot longer. But, I'm done.
Love love love,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aunt Lee

Yes, when I write a person's name in the Title, they are very important to me.
My Aunt Lee is awesome. She lives in Germany and her birthday is coming up!

--Aunt Lee-- I love you, so I am giving you a warning before you read the family blog, read it, it's good, but you've been warned. Hi Ben! You rock! Can't wait to see you guys around December! Rock on Aunt Lee... hahaha. Get it? You're a geologist... hahaha! Of course you get it, you're smart like that! Okay, now I'm losing it!

Love ya,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Poor Taylor!

Kanye West was a TOTAL jerk Sunday night and cut Taylor off! She is so totally gonna have to write a song about that... no seriously! Beyonce was totally nice and let her finish her speech! It was on the VH1 awards, Taylor Swift won an award--the only reason I watched....
School's dragging.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is why Twitter would be good...

This is just an update.
I really like my teachers...
except one that speaks like that preppy teenager...
You KNOW what I'm talking about:
"Like, Oh My God, I am sooooo FABuLOUS! Uh, Like WHATEVER!"
I'm not around most of my old friends... a chance to make new ones!
Love love love,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facebook; MySpace

With each new school year, I keep getting these e-mails-- Please join [Insert Friend's name here] 's MySpace/FaceBook Page!
It's not safe and it's not easy to delete. Plus, when you start job hunting, employers can look at your page and whatever you say.
So, I keep sending them here.
If you want to know what I'm up to, what I have to say, etc. come HERE. I can do ALL the Same things here that you can do on FaceBook or MySpace in a much safer way.
STOP sending those stupid emails!

Love, Love, Love,

New Phone!

Well, I had an accident with my old phone, so I had to get a new one.
It's a Tracfone. They are affordable- $20 every three months. They do all the same things--Internet, Camera, Bluetooth, phonebook, calculator, etc.
And although they aren't the Iphone, or Voyager, etc., they are that much cheaper, and they still do the same things.
The best part is, their cheap to begin with too, so it's not so bad when you break it!

NO, my parents did NOT tell me to write this, I think it's a great idea, and I love my new phone--PLUS- I get double minutes for the life of the phone! Which means if I buy a 20 minute card, I actually get 40 minutes! Yay!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Construction=Me NO function!

I am so tired.
It's summer- which means no going to bed early because we have some loud people around and no sleeping in because of all the construction.
I spent last night painting the neighbors' column in their house- they didn't know what to do, so we made an abstract painting with lots of Os and trapezoids, spirals, squares, you name it, it's probably there. And by last night, I mean from the minute after dinner 'til midnight!
I am so tired.
But if I have any caffeine, it keeps me up later than I want to be up!
There is no winning here!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, Friday night we went school shopping- new clothes, new supplies... etc. We weren't done.
Saturday, I picked up the last of what I thought I needed-- Backpacks are UGLY and there aren't many choices ANYWHERE! They should have a website/store where you can personalize a cool backpack with enough room that won't kill your back!
Sunday- I realized that I forgot about a few minor things. Cue trip #4!

School starts in 25 days!

Why can't they give us a list of everything we need before school starts- they do a good job, so far, for most of my classes. But there's always that ONE thing they forget, or they don't give you anything you need until after the first day of school. Then they make it an assignment to get the remainder of what you need by the end of the week. But by then, everything is gone, not on sale, and 8 times more expensive. But you don't want to buy extra binders and folders, and dividers because they are already expensive!
DIVIDERS! They're useful, sure, but they are a piece of paper and plastic- for $2/5pack. For MATH ALONE I need 15! I don't get it.

On a lighter note: it's Taylor's 10th week at Country Music's Top 20 AT NUMBER ONE with You Belong With Me!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Really?! I'm 14 years old and I still get nightmares?!?! I don't know.
This is the story:
I was sleeping(duh) and all was peaceful, dreaming. THEN I suddenly at a party(who's- I don't know!). I was with my Dad(No, that's not the scary part! I love my daddy!) and we were about to leave-- we had been there for hours(That's what he said). So, we got in the car, and onto the highway. Now, last time I checked, police cars were NEVER vans! But, I could be wrong.... A van with the letters P O L I C E were written in red, white, and blue.
It was dark in my dream, so I'm guessing that it was really late, so Dad pulled over. BAD IDEA: The "cops" got out, and I was Nancy Drew, and noticed not one police scanner, computer, or anything electronic that would prove that they were really cops.
They didn't see me, but they made my dad get out of the car. In this dream, our car door could open without sound and without looking open, so I got out too.
They opened the side of the van to reveal two shotguns with a giant syringe on the ends.
I noticed civilian clothes in the van, with thousands of prescription drugs.
They told us to keep our arms down, it would only hurt for a minute.
I woke up to the sound of the sound of the garbage truck- uh, no one under the age of 19 is up yet! Why would you bring your noisy truck that early in the morning?! I was up anyway...

Sorry that makes barely any sense. It just scared me.
Moral: don't pull over for white vans, even if you think they might be real police!

I think I'll have to stop watching C.S.I. for a little while, at least specific episodes. There are a few when one of the characters wakes up at 3:33 every day, no matter where he is, a phone in his room finds him. Well, EVERYTHING has been waking me up at 3:33. The other day, I went downstairs and got breakfast before I looked at my clock!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Okay, so...

Megan Fox Day was Tuesday, not Wednesday. My bad.
Once again, I mowed the lawn, it wasn't so bad though.
Buddy got his braces on today. He doesn't like them too much.
Taylor Swift had the 2nd most sold album! Next to MJ's Number Ones (no, it's not a typo).... She is also the FIRST person to have the same single in the Music's top 5oo in both COUNTRY and pop, which she describes as a "spillover," NOT a crossover!
This is probably the shortest blog yet, but it's all important, fragmented stuff.
Love love love

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Megan Fox

It is true-all mention of Megan Fox is BANNED from many male websites today. Many magazines are saying it is because she is just "too beautiful and talented," and apparently "Megan is too much of a good thing." Why are they making such a big deal about it? Congratulations to her for helping rake in an amazing $708,272,592 on the first Transformer movie and an UNBELIEVABLE $809,898,828 on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! She's in Hollywood for a reason. Why are the making SUCH A BIG DEAL?!
Love, love, love,


Monday, August 3, 2009


I learned that the concert was an afterthought in her tour. It is not shown on the back of my T shirt or on her Myspace, or website. She was amazing-- she SHOULD have been the entire show...(Kieth Urban's old, we're sick of him, why does he get 3 hours?!?)! The concert was not sold out despite what ticketmaster said, the seats that were up against the wall on either side of the stage had only a few people. Nicole Kidman was supposedly there- didn't see her. I stood in line for an hour to get my T shirt because people would be in line for 20 minutes, complain, then jump out in front of me. I honestly don't know why the kids at my school don't LOVE her like I do! She's great to listen to, but in person, she's SO much better! And the sarcasm in that girl! You gotta love her!! I will definitely be at the concert next year!
The only downside, that they have been noticing for throughout the tour, is that the band and back up vocals tend to drown Taylor out at times in upbeat songs. But knowing that this is her first tour, she should be better than ever next year!

Friday, July 31, 2009


I woke up at 3:30 A.M. to my cats screaming at each other. Not fun.
I officially woke up(actually got my lazy butt out of bed) around 7:00. The COFFEE CLUB! It starts at 5:30, where they would be giving away Meet and Greet tickets!
Dad thankfully had been listening. They didn't give them away until 9:45- No win.
Mom bought me tickets when I thought I couldn't go to the drawing.
Then, we went to a town near by where they were giving tickets to the Kieth Urban Back Stage experience(he talks, signs stuff, plays for a group of 50 people, signs his guitar and gives it away.)- No win. Why exactly do you have to be 18 to enter a ticket giveaway? I understand 13 and older, some of the music is kind of iffy. I understand 16, then you can drive and pretty much make all decisions for your self. What's different about 18-- you can vote, FOR president, NOT Music Stations.... Good thing my mom bought me tickets!
I like to go to drawings and stuff like that. It's fun for me. I dressed up like Taylor Swift (my neighbors think I have her hair) in my new boots and hat, make up, just missing the guitar.
Now, I'm not saying that I'm exactly "Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, or Taylor Swift Beautiful," but people were staring. I don't mind- I actually find my self doing it too. What I think is a little weird is the gaping mouth, chin out, snooty look. I came home, lazy and tired, didn't want to take off my make up, so I went with my mom to pick up some ice cream(I went a little crazy- 1 scoop cookie dough), there were more stairs.
I honestly don't get it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

O Me O Mi

I don't know.
I've been obsessed with my guitar lately, I love it. It's my life.
I'm in a rut. I have chords in cool sequences, cool ideas, and I CAN'T put them together. Well, maybe it's because I keep making up chords that are so amazing and I don't know what they are yet! Yes, I've been playing while watching TV, just so you know.
My parents anniversary was tonight!
I need to start:
Studying for next year.
Calling the girls for the party.
Sleeping more.
I got the most amazing boots EVER from ALLOY.COM! It's been a pain breaking them in, but it's so worth it.
Oh, and I've watch CMT and GAC so much, I practically know what song they're gonna play next....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taylor Swift!

I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift on my favorite station- WBEE! She is doing a "confrence call" type thing, basically she's talking to Billy Kydd about her song writing, her past boyfriends, and the concert she'll be doing with KEITH URBAN (OH MY GOD!!) and about this hilarious video.
Okay so, I can't upload it but you can watch Taylor Swift's Thug Story on!
P.S. Oh we got cable yesterday!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

As the wise say, Live= Learn

Dad taught me how to mow a couple of weeks ago, so today I thought I would mow the lawn. This is where the title comes into play:
Lessons Learned:
1. NEVER volunteer to mow without pay EVER EVER again!
2. Mowing is a good work out
3. Yard obstacles are hard- I guess hence the name- OBSTACLES
4. Grass stains EVERYTHING
5. I think mosquitos can smell if you've been bitten a hundred times and then get you again.
6. Holding a vibrating lawn mower for an hour really starts to hurt after a while!
7. I love my Dad A LOT, and I want him to finish his den already.
8. I get bored really easily- I'm already bored- I need to keep moving
I found the cutest peace bracelet ever today! I bought it. I rarely buy jewelry and when I do it is always bracelets. I love bracelets mostly because I hate the way wrists look. Not just mine, every one's, they're weird!
I'm off to the World wide web to search for my dream guitar(well, my secondary dream guitar, the one I'm in love with is $4K! Wow, I have good taste, but seeing as I would never make that much playing it, I'm off to search).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I JUST got the go ahead to take my retainer out! That means I perfect teeth! It may not seem important to you, but that also means I won't have a single glare in the middle of my ID photo for first time three years!(hence the OH MY GOD!)
My projection just got a whole lot better too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review-- The New harry Potter

Okay, so first, The NEW MOON trailer is all screwy! Bella isn't supposed to have a baby until the 4 book! Jake cut his HAIR! AH(BTW: He's still way hotter than Edward!)!

The movie....
Harry cut his hair too. It was all choppy, and unexplained- to the point if you didn't read the books, you weren't gonna get it! They also stopped in the middle of the book. Emma Watson isn't in it as much as she should be, well that's because she's a diva. She got a stalker(creepy, but JUST ONE), and she was sick of it after doing 6 years of Wizardry. They caught her in a contract, but she was awful in the second half-- her heart was not in it.
Snape killed Dumbledore(duh!). They don't explain why that's a good thing. Harry realizes he needs Hermione and Ron, movie ENDS.
I give it a 4. It's essential to the story line, but I'd wait to rent it.
The last book will be split into two movies.
If you haven't read at least the 6th book, forget it, you aren't going to get anything in the last three movies.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just one girl's opinion on today's world...

Okay, so many topics.
Why are Girl's shirts so long now? If they wanted to cover down to their knees, they'd buy dresses.
Why are guy's pants SO baggy! I don't care if you buy your underwear at Abercrombie and Fitch, I DON'T want to see it! Buy a BELT(I know, it's a new concept- it's long, goes into your pants and holds them ABOVE your but!)!
Why do people wear scarves in the middle of the HOTTEST day of the summer? I mean, if I found a really cute scarf, I'd probably never want to take it off ethier, but COME ON!
Why do people think it's okay to take all the short cuts when building a house?
Why does a phone company not have the parts and people it needs to install a connection, when they know new houses are coming?
Why do so many people think that just because we don't have a speed limit sign, that there isn't a speed limit?
Why do we need it?
How do people not throw themselves off cliffs just for fun?
Why is there NOTHING TO DO?
Why is there not a bus or something to take us to the movies?

Why am I bothering you?
Why are you still reading?
Thank you for listening to my ranting, Have a nice day, I hope you come back soon!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Songs

Summer means thinking. I think about all sorts of things. I've been writing songs. Lots of them. Their pretty cool, it keeps me busy, and gets weird things off my mind, like trying to fit it. Fit into what?! I'm sitting in my Dad's den writing a blog with my brother upstairs. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, maybe its just me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post #75!

I wish I had something cool to talk all about, but I have nothing. YAYA came over and we hung out as I talked her ear off.
I finished that horrible book for school and the project with it.
I got my very white-walled grandmother to pick colors for me to paint in her house.
I got a journal for crappy fragmented posts like this....
I had a Graduation party to go to, that was fun.
I get to be bored all next week! Yay. :(

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to the FUTURE!

Our house number is in the 1700s, so we keep joking we live in 17__ because we have had no phone, Internet, or cable for the last 7 weeks- no exaggeration. We are set now.
Reason for the Dilemma: Frontier didn't have the right parts to fix our connection. They are supposed to be a phone company.... shouldn't they have these parts?!
The DEF LEPPARD concert was AMAZING. Our lawn tickets were 100% better than our shell tickets! The money for the tickets was well worth it, even just for the people watching: a girl was 7 feet tall(NO JOKE!) and I have a binder that was thicker that her!
My cousins came up from North Carolina with pictures from a Taylor Swift concert- FRONT ROW! So jealous....
I am almost done with the most AWFUL mandatory school book EVER....
Transformers II is the Must See Movie of the Year!
Oh, I got my report card back... 97.9 Average!
There are so many movies I've seen whose reviews will not be written... Oh well.
I'm having a party in August and I made cute little 3x5 invitations that I screwed up on so I had to redo, and then today I got a letter with 1/2 the invitations back from the post office saying that they were too small to send through the mail. To be sent, they must be 3 AND 1/2 x5! Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Well, she did send the other ones....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Sorry

I wonder how many people have stopped reading my blog because I haven't been posting....
I'm so sorry. I haven't had internet, cable, or phone. I have missed my blog and YaYa's blog so much.
Moving is a pain. Well, let be begin.
The night I was supposed to sleepover at G's house, the movers came. They packed one load, and broke the stairs in our apartment, so they only go the one load! I had to go home and help move stuff.
After that, it's been a whirl wind, a blur, a fuzzy memory that I keep reliving, every day! All I can remember doing is moving boxes in from our garage, with each box, a new piece of garage showed.
I wrote a couple of songs- fairly good, I'd rather not share... people steal other people's work.
I had my finals, my AP test was BEYOND easy!
We moved some more, we painted, we moved some more.
Now it's summer.
The Thirteenth Tale is the MOST BORING BOOK I've read- EVER! And even worse, I HAVE to read it so I can go into English 10 Honors next year....
We've been without cable, phone, and internet for the last month or so. Dad's so irritated he might switch from Frontier to Time Warner Cable(of which he's sworn he would NEVER do...).
I hope all my readers have missed me, sorry I've been neglecting my blog... again....

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sorry the lap top is still at our old house, we are moving into our new house now. We got a cat from our neighbors that kept her in a cold wet box in the open garage with with the wind blowing and paint on her tail. I love my new bus. My new neighbors(not where we got the cat) are really cool. They call me Taylor Swift... funny, that's all that's on my Ipod!! LOL!
Painted my room.
I just had my last chorus concert of the year:( Drama Girl said some one said she was off= me dealing with her bawling.... Seniors were said!
I have a makeup lesson tomorrow.
I'm going to have to do a Summer reading project for English 10 honors on either Wicked, My sister's keeper, or two other choices... I can't remember. It's due the first day of school, hand it in the 2nd, and you get a zero!
Going to sleep over at G.'s house. I haven't been to a sleepover in 2 years not including Yaya... I always throw them.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We just closed on the house! It's ours now! To get more info, go here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After posting almost everyday, I have blog ideas ALL THE TIME now!! I'm going to put them below.
Today: I got 19 points in archery! It was backwards scoring, so forward scoring would be 53!!! My dad's first volley ball game of the season is tonight! As much as I would really love to go, I'm more of a painting girl tonight with Mommy at the new house.
Yesterday: Piper(my cat) escaped- I don't know for how long, but we found her 30 feet from our house at 11:00. She's fine. She's NOT an outdoor cat.... When she was little, she got outside and hid under the car tire-Mom found her- she was fine then too. Our neighbors, whose house they started after ours, moved in. We haven't even closed yet!
I had a really weird dream a couple of nights ago. The Geico cave man came out of the woods behind my new house and I was living there. He was wearing a yellow rain coat, boots, hat, and the UMBRELLA! He held up a gun and shot--just the air. He ran over to the neighbors and shot them all :(. He came back the next day, when there were cops there taking care of the case and caught him.... Weird... I wonder what it means.
CTS:Chronic Texting Syndrome.
I created it. It PERFECTLY describes my school. There are girls that will hold it next to their hip and text, just under their desks, in their bags, in their BOOTS! ANYTHING they can do, just to read the few words on a tiny screen written by the person they'll see in 15-30 minutes. We have two spots that you're allowed to text, during school hours- the cafeteria and the front door. I am not afflicted... mostly because the only people I ever text are my cousin and my dad.
I have NO homework tonight!!! Woo HOO!
I had other ideas but now I can't remember.

Friday, May 15, 2009


This week, I will copy Yaya's Idea of venting through letters in my blog. My week has been nothing out of the ordinary, Ghost Whisperer is on tonight.

Dear Ryan Homes,
Currently, my family is building a house with you. We have been waiting for more than a year and a half, we were not originally happy with your work... until we made you fix it(thank you!). We were supposed to move in this weekend, that didn't happen because of our mortgage company, that is not your fault. However, it is your fault that you decided to hydro-seed our lawn AGAINST what you said you would do- hydro-seed once we move it when you know it needs to be keep moist--requiring daily watering. Note to you: WE AREN'T THERE TO WATER IT! Not to say we aren't there everyday inspecting anyway, but nonetheless.

Dear HP Company,
My family has now bought TWO(2) laptop computers from your company. BOTH of which have gotten the charger adapter, located IN the computer, broken. It costs at least 2oo dollars to fix, per computer. Now you may believe that it is my fault that these pieces were broken on the aforementioned laptops, but it is not, I take ginger, protective care over my laptops because I realize that they are expensive and resourceful. Neither my family or I will be purchasing another HP because both of these computers lasted no more than 3 years. Now, let me point out that out Toshiba laptop computer has lasted a 5 year period, out-lived both of the HP computers, has had NO problems whatsoever, and can load pages much faster. However, if you manage to figure out a way to compensate me by paying for my these computers to be fixed, I will recall all of the above.

Once again, I've had a good day and a good week. I just needed to get this out!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Extra Energy

Monday, blah. I don't like Mondays the only thing that ever makes Mondays better is House and Big BANG Theory. Homework doesn't help much! Living environment- Test Corrections, Spanish- Two long activities, English- 3 paragraph essay, AP World- essay, -two readings, Algebra-none. I have had SO much EXTRA energy! I want to run around to get rid of it, but I do homework as soon as I get home. My leg has been bouncing all day, today was really short, but I was so bored, my classes are so boring, they aren't challenging at all! That's all for today!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ah Friday!

This week has been stressful with the events currently affecting my school. Tonight is the beginning of a good weekend.
Tonight- Ghost Whisperer- Vampires! I think it'll be a little like Twilight in a way-Good. Tune into channel 8 at 8:00 if you wish(tonight). Maybe Bride Wars... if I can talk my mommy into it(if you're reading this- I love you Mommy!). EVERYONE is going to the theater tonight! All the new movies- Star Trek, Xmen....
Tomorrow- Junior Prom. Being a non-slutty freshman(un-like all the freshman girls that are going), I'm not going. Ah, but my EX BFF M. is going with one of her two boyfriends. A senior caught her making out with a senior and accidentally blew her in to her freshman boyfriend... he he he. She's going. I'm guessing the 'Anti-prom' is at the theater again.
Sunday- MOTHERS Day- (I love you Yaya- I'm sorry). I got my mom a REALLY cool gift and she's worried about WHEN I got it... hehehehe! Sorry for all the ellipses... I stayed after school today(YES ON A FRIDAY) to start my English benchmark that I missed while I was on Vacation so my grammar is SHOT!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I went to Wal-Mart last night(home of the Taylor Swift clothing line!!) and I bought both Taylor Swift albums!! I'm multi-tasking and listening to them right now. I have bizarre cough at the moment so I'm not so great at singing.... I ran into Kyle, Carly, and Kirsten there. We talked forever! I love talking to kids outside of school. I love Taylor Swift! She's so talented and still down to Earth! So much drama at school right now- I'm okay.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Total Movie Moment

I'm not the only one that thinks the clothes I wear are cute. I went into school today with my 2nd best pair of jeans, a fairly thick gray long sleeved shirt, and a very bright pink summer dress from Wal-Mart.

In the movies, you see two girls wearing the same thing and fighting with each other. That happened to me today, except without the fight, the most popular 10th grader(who is really nice) was wearing the same thing!!!

I seem to have a lot of these 'Movie Moments' this year, I guess these movies aren't so wrong after all....


Monday, May 4, 2009

Little 'bout Me

Sounds like a country song... I just thought you should know a little bit more about me.

Full Name: Rayanna
Family: Mom+Dad, brother, 1 dog 2 cats.
Favorite drink: Diet Pepsi
Favorite breakfast: cold Pizza Hut Pizza
Favorite dinner: hot Pizza Hut Pizza
Favorite sit down restaurant: Chili's!
Favorite Fast food restaurant: Burger King
Past times: Drawing, painting, doodling, writing, reading, watching TV.
Couldn't live without my: family/friends network.
Thing most teens use but I don't: my ipod(that much...), tracfone
Pet peeve: texting in class, being a jerk, posers.
Favorite music:Country!
Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift, De Vinci
Favorite candy: M&Ms
School classes: Spanish II, AP world history, English 9, Algebra 9, Living Environment Honors.
I'm totally scared of: MOTHS! AHH! SCARY!
Some thing I could change about my self: taller, just a couple of inches, I'm not asking for Magic Johnson here people!
Something I wish I could do: artwork like my mom.
Favorite state I've been to: Massachusetts: Berkshires
Favorite thing to do: journaling
Summer: travel
Spring:campfires(well, s'mores in the backyard)
Winter: need warmth
Fall: PARTY!(Birthday)
Something you would not know about me: I'm a klutz. Example: I have instant karma, and I broke my arm snowboarding on a sled at age 7.
~Me in a nutshell-Rayanna~

Saturday, May 2, 2009


When I was little, my parents would all make fun of the 16 year olds that had poor conduct at the fast food resturants by our house. Now its so weird because the group of kids I know just quadrupled, so I know them! I don't think I'll ever get used to that. Oh, I also saw a senior and a freshman in the icecream place we just went to. F.Y. I. -I'm basic small, soft-serve vanilla! It'll be even worse when I'm a senior! Now here's the actual button from Yaya! I'm going to watch Legally Blonde now! Talk to you guys later!



I am done getting caught up, well, not English. My English teacher said I could make it up tomorrow during lunch on Wednesday. Then she wasn't there on Thursday, so I couldn't take it. Then she was there on Friday and she said she would let me take it and put it in my folder. She didn't put it in my folder, and she wasn't there to explain. Needless to say... I didn't take it again.
Yaya got me this button!!->
So much homework to do. Gotta go!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I miss my guitar. I haven't played it in days! I have had so many things to make up and do to stay with the rest of the class. It isn't tiring, no, it's more like a brain workout.
Yesterday, I spent 5 hours on homework. Rewrite for English, 3X over(my Spanish II classmates were talk talk talking again= whole vocab list X3- hand written), Spanish Project, Spanish Activities 8, 9, 10, Study for Living Environment tests, AP: 15 note cards, 6 note cards.
I was listening to my Ipod on the way to school today and there were ALL my favorite songs(Taylor Swift) in a row, then then a slow, sad song came on, I was like Ugg. SKIP!
I am so bored, I want to play my guitar, I am ALMOST done with my first 3 minute(a little over) song and I want to finish it!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

OBX Overall

The Outerbanks was great, despite the ONE trash can and the THREE clocks on the 3rd floor ONLY! My nail polish is so cool! I love it! Everyone thought I came back from Europe... I WISH!! I'm practically all caught up with everything! I'll probably be a little skimpy on the blogging this week, I have a HUGE project for AP:World, it's practically 1/2 of my grade! It is SOO hot today!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day #5- Pirates

Today I helped with a bouquet and boutonnieres, my cousin Erica got married today. Their Reverend looked EXACTLY like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was really weird, red tie, black leather coat, pinstripe pants, pirate-like shoes. Oh well. Seagulls flew over them as the kissed, it was so cool. Today is the last day we have to do actual stuff, we leave tomorrow. I miss my baby Piper.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day #4

Stuff I left out of Wednesday's post: we went to DQ, yum, Midnight Truffle! We also climbed up and down the 214 steps of the Currituck Lighthouse.
Today is day 4. We stayed at the house mostly today. We went to Sonic and the Kitty Hawk strip of little 'Ma&Pa' stores. I bought my nail polish from Del Sol- it's peach and in the sun it's red. Really cool! Oh, I also bought more Taffy- I was running out of good flavors, the new stuff is REALLY sticky. I think the best thing about here, other than the beach is the names of the houses, for example:
Aquaduck(blue house)
Duck a la orange(Orange house)
Duck duck Goose
M&Ms(trade marked logo and everything)
Island Paradise(Redundant!)
Corolla: Where we are staying. The locals pronounce it like Ku-rah-luh. I found a really cool sticker the looked like a dictionary definition:
1. A small drinking town with a slight fishing problem.
I thought that was cute.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day #2/Day #3

DAY #2
That was yesterday. I bought a snorkeling duck and Salt Water taffy. MMM... I love Salt Water taffy, but this taffy is a little less flavorful than, say, Michigan Salt Water Taffy. I am getting REALLY good at Euchre. We did some water color and I have a quote for that "Sometimes, while painting, the napkin you use to soak up the water looks better than the picture." I am sure that's my personal quote because I've never heard it anywhere else. We watched Marley and Me, I cried. That's it, so I'm going to put Day #3 in so it's not so short!
DAY #3
Today, we went to TimBuck II today, again, and found Go Karts, I lost, almost got lapped I was so behind. I blame the short track, my brakes didn't work, and the guy shut us down early because we kept bumping into each other. We had burgers for lunch with REALLY good bacon! Mmm.... I am using way too many mms I really want some M&Ms. Half the females in the house(Family vacation-20 people) are going to the spa tomorrow. For $45 for pedicure, I'll stay home, or buy really cool color-changing nail polish.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day #1

Day one was boring, just driving and driving and driving. We stopped at McDonalds, Wendy's and Pizzazz Pizzaria for Dinner. We arrived at 7:00 last night. We are now in North Carolina. Sorry this post is so short, but we are now in the presence of BLUE BELL ice cream and Drive-up Sonic resturants! The plan for today is SHOPPING. The rest of the week will hold more Shopping, hot tubbing, Sonic, Bluebell, the Spa, the pool, and the Ocean!

Friday, April 17, 2009


We leave tonight, well, tomorrow at 4 a.m. Traveling on our vacations is very important to our family. We've been to so many places....
My favorite vacations:
1. Berkshires
2. Outer Banks
3. Downtown(if our hometown counts!)
4. Illinois-St. Louis
Not so relaxing:
1. Cedar Point
2. Universal Studios
3. Vegas
4. Disney World
5. San Antonio(Haven't been since I was 4! Can't really remember!)
I think that's all of them!
Stay tuned for daily updates on the vacation to the Outer Banks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Have to Start Somewhere

Whenever I watch too much TV(like this week), I want to write so badly about something that a lot of people would like(like now), and yet, I have NO ideas. To hopefully inspire me, here's a free-verse poem(no rhyming, essentially boring, but still considered a poem) to tell you my dilemma.
What to Write?
What to write? What to write?
Science Fiction will too soon be no longer be Fiction, just a disappointment,
Fairy Tales almost never come true,
Plays are too hard to get people to read,
Non-Fiction is boring,
Musicals require too much creativity,
Ballads are usually corny,
Poems are too short,
Essays are too long,
I guess I'll go write another blog post about it.
-Original poem by Rayanna
-Inspiration: Shel Silverstein

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturn Commercial

This is the funniest commercial on television sets everywhere. With the Recession, many car companies are offering to take the car back if you lose your job and cannot pay for it, so this bug-eyed black guy(NOT racist, just his description) sits on a stool stating the following(with some paraphrasing):
"So now car companies are offering to take your car back if you lose your job. I think that sounds like the worst day ever. Hi Honey, I'm home, lost my job, don't have a car, what's for dinner?"
It is hilarious because that's exactly what I thought when I first heard these commercials, and the end of the last sentence is cheerful while the rest of it is mumbling! I'd post the rest, but I can't remember it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little Repetitive, but Happy Easter!

We opened our really cool aquatic Easter eggs. Mom and Dad are still sleeping on this somewhat chilly Sunday morning. We have a family party to go to today. I got a really cool watercolor set for the Outer banks. There really is much to say, three weeks(supposedly) until we move, slooooowwwwwlllllyyyyyyyyy packing up stuff. Buddy's room is cleaner than it ever has been, we sold his bookshelf on CRAIGSLIST. It's nice, it's cleaner than mine! Have a good day.
RANDOM THOUGHT: Why does Cotton Candy taste so good, but it smells like Port-a-Potties? Eww.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I found some pictures for Easter that I thought were funny because it goes with our house. During my tests today everyone kept talk talk talking! It was so annoying! Here comes my week off. Whoo hoo. I've already made up over half of my work. Today, I took my Test while everyone else took their Quizzes in math. She didn't know if it would be enough time because classes will be shortened when everyone takes the test. Now, I work slower than most in math, but it took me from as soon as I got into the room until the end of the announcements. It definitely won't be enough time for them. I think I did really well! We'll see.... Two weeks, no school, all boredom. Any ideas about how to be not so bored? Please leave them in the Comments! Thanks!
Click on the word house above to learn about our house if you can't see the hyperlink line. I couldn't so I here's the note!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally Almost Done!

I've had a project and quite a bit of homework. Spring break is coming up (Whoo Hoo, a WHOLE WEEK of boredom!!!) I have two more days to get all the work I need to go on Vacation! I am done making up gym classes. I am done with all the math homework- I would be missing 5 homework sheets, being gone, but to catch me up, my teacher got rid of the 3 for the rest of the week and gave me three instead of the 8. I take the MAJOR Test on Thursday while the other kids take the major QUIZ, my test will count twice. I love my Math teacher! I have to go get my topic for my AP project... fun, the day after I complete the project that is due that day. I have to meet her in the ISS room and she, knowing that I am a good student, attempted to give me directions to the room near the math hall way. She went on and on today... "I'll meet you in the deep cave of ISS," and "I'll see you in ISS(scary accent)," were her favorites. It's really not a big deal, she'll be there teaching/watching them like a hawk. She's the kind of teacher that you love and will miss next year, but you could so tell that she would snap a ruler at you if you were messing around in class.... That's why she's my favorite :~). I had my scheduling appt. for Sophomore year and I asked for my Spanish teacher again for Spanish III. I had an audition for Mixed Choir yesterday, if I remember then I will post if I make it. My Spanish and English class are giving me a packet to do while I'm out. I'll probably do all of this work on Friday and have nothing to do for a week until we go.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wow, it's true, I am so blonde!

Okay, so nothing much has been going on here, so I looked through the TV guide. We 100s of channels so I was looking up in the 500s and I saw Drag Racing. Now I have been to a few carnivals in my time and I knew that it was basically a bunch of guys on horses racing around a track. But being tired and all, all I could picture was a bunch of Drag Queens racing around a shoe store! I am well rested now and I shouldn't have anymore weird thoughts like that for a while.
April Overview:
The class is coming back for their trip for this week.
We have Friday off, Good Friday, what Friday off is not good?!
On the 18th we leave for a trip to the Outerbanks!! I have to make up a lot of work because of it :~(...
We are supposed to be closing on the house near the end of April....

Thursday, April 2, 2009


A large chunk of the freshman class was gone today on an out-of-state trip. Yesterday was full of excitement and was go go go all day long. Today was the same, but completely different. It was exciting, but quite, too quite, dead silent. No one really taught us anything, most of the students were gone. In AP, we just finished an essay, now we are finally touching the Mongols! It's not much, but it does tell you all that's happening in my world right now! I was going to make this post into a poem so it could fit in with my latest phase, but my eyes are tired and I should go play my guitar....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is the second poem for English class:

Streaming Gold

Her hair went on for miles,
Blonde and beautiful,
She got so many compliments from everyone,
It continued to make them baffle.

She didn’t like it much or at all,
For it made her feel sad,
It required too much work,
Having to brush it made her mad.

It didn’t care about the pain she would endure,
It knotted up in her sleep,
She did everything she could, but it persisted,
Just until her alarm would beep.

She needed to get rid of it,
The knots began to look like argyle,
She did something unthinkable and so,
It soon became depressing as it landed in a pile.
Wow, poems don't seem that long when you're writing them! I owe my inspiration to Shel Silverstein and these poems:

Personal Poem

We have to write 2 poems for school tomorrow. I really like writing poems. At the moment I am stuck on my last poem, but here's my first:

Personal Poem

I honestly don’t see the point, there’s not much to celebrate.
Everyone has a story, mine’s not really that great.
I like Aquamarine and acoustic guitars.
I don’t really care much for cars.

I’m accident prone.
I hate to be alone.
I can’t play floor hockey or whistle very well.
I love Alexis Bledel.

I love white daises.
I can’t drink hot cocoa when it blazes.
I eat cheese burgers.
I like to walk through apple arbors.

I watch Disney channel.
I don’t know what I’d do if this poem was in front of a judge’s panel!
Rockets are cool when they blastoff.
This poem is a monster I have to ward off.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Home of Bacon(It's really just ham there), NHL stars, Skiers, snowboarders, MOOSE, and Mom's new friend*. She seems really nice. Her daughter is two years younger than me and is pretty cute. She likes ICARLY and doesn't know what Apples to Apples is! Apples to Apples is a description game. A noun is placed on the table and you put what you think the alternating judge would pick(that's how you get points, if yours is chosen). I ALWAYS pick Canada/Canadians. They typically end EVERY sentence with eh, and they have a barely noticeable accent(Not like a British accent), it has a little more diphthong(they hold it out) on the eh in a. I don't really get around people from other places much and it's fun to see what they're like!
*Apparently Mom's Canadian friend thinks we have better candy- Reese there Reese's here, BIG taste difference- they have 1 or 3 in a package- we have 1, 2, or 4. Canadian bacon IS really just ham :( but not at her friend's house! I need a passport.... LOL!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ghost Town

After a routine colonoscopy, a mean/crazy dentist who hates everyone. He finds love, he falls out of it. He eventually helps people like Melinda(a.k.a Jen. Love. Hewitt) in Ghost Whisperer. He was pretty sarcastic- British Humor! I LOVE IT! It is soo funny! His teeth were all messed up because he was British and he was a dentist in New York which is kind of ironic to me. I always notice teeth first, that'll come in handy for an ocupation in Orthodontics! I'll give it a 3, it wasn't great like the Knowing(scroll down for review) but it wasn't as bad as the Haunting of Molly Heartly.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Three day weekend, thank you Super Intendent!
Hum... What shall I do?
Today is shot, I had Micky D's, we went to the drug store and I got some awesome peach lip gloss. Oh in English I had to write a 7 line rhyming poem. I wrote about colors. Here it is:
Tomorrow, Friday. I should finish my AP:world journal entry that was assigned 3 weeks ago but isn't due, I should work on my cords so I can finally finish "Love Story." I should try to do some laundry. I will probably watch NCIS/Disney Channel/CSI/House/Old recordings for a few hours.
Saturday, Mom has to work.
Sunday, I am taking my BFF, A. to the MONSTERS VERSUS ALIENS movie. She couldn't make it last weekend. It should be REALLY funny!
Monday, Back to school (;~D).
Oh yeah we got Def Lepard/Cheap Trick/Poison tickets for the first day of summer! WHOO HOO!!
Random thought of the day: Why do we spell Katchup so many different ways? Catsup, Katsup, etc.?
P.S. Why do sooo many people HATE Taylor Swift?!?! I can't talk to ANYBODY about her! She rocks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nerd day

This week my school is doing a spirit week where we dress up with a theme of the day. Today was nerd/dork. I wore a nice new plaid shirt over a pink tank, jeans, and my cowboy boots. I looked fabulous!
I got bored a doodled a really cool nerd, this is his Paint program version. No shirt, didn't have enough time/didn't feel like it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Knowing- M.T.Y.

Are you crazy if....?

You see every disaster in the future and know the place(lat. and long.), date, and number of people that will die, hear voices? That's Lucille. You believe that the world is just made of a bunch of mistakes and coincidences? That's John- Nicholas Cage. You hear voices and listen to them, do what they say without questions? That's Abby and Calib.

This was the first film that I have ever cried from and shaken from in the theater, no, ever. It was fantastic. It was about a child named Calib who found a piece of paper with a series of numbers that seemed to have no sequence and stole it from his school. His father(Cage), finds the sequence- lat, long, date, number of causalities. Calib meets a little girl(Abby) who's mom(Dianna) has been through a lot, much like Calib's dad.

After John goes through two of the final dates on the list, they go on a journey together to find the final dates on the list. Dianna's mother was Lucille. At the place where Lucille died, John finds a link to his son. They had to find a safe place to hide from the last date on the list. John had an idea once he found the missing numbers and shared it with Dianna.

At a local gas station, two strange men take the children. John later finds them unharmed. They are the chosen ones. This made me cry.

I was shaking from the intensity.

Nightmare rating- 5 if you don't finish it, 2 if you see the ending. Movie rating, 10, out of 5. Thousands of times better than Twilight. Quite possibly the MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Rated PG-13, that would only ring true if you have an EXTREMELY mature 13 year old. I strongly recommend this movie, especially at just under 2 hours.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy weekend!

Tonight I was going to watch Ghost Whisperer but it's not on:( I am probably going to watch a movie or something.
Tomorrow I am going to work with my mom, get a hair cut, and go to see the KNOWING with Nicholas Cage with my mom, dad, brother, and best friend A. L.
I don't know what I am doing on Sunday, probably studying.
Random thought of right now. I am watching Disney Channel. Why is Dwayne Johnson taking over the KCAs and all of Disney Channel.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I hate swimming!

I only have one class left(thank the god!) but my headaches are getting much worse. I had stomach problems for a long time, but they recently went way, as well as my head aches. We started swimming and after that my headaches came back. Today it has been almost unbearable-never mind the fact that I haven't taken aspirin yet.... I think it might be the chlorine- we're doing a snorkeling unit. Snorkeling would be my favorite unit, but I have a retainer, so the tube doesn't fit in my mouth, letting water in, and my mask NEVER fits right-letting water in. Today we had to go 8 feet underwater through a hula hoop and I made it but then I couldn't breathe. I rushed to the surface and blew the water out and accidentally breathed through my nose and got if full of water. I pulled off my mask and finally started breathing air again. I have contacts. Chlorine, especially like my school's pool, is not good in my eyes. It burns. Homework doesn't help the head aches either. I hate swimming.
On a lighter note, it's Wednesday, two more days until I get to go see the Knowing with Nicholas Cage!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kyle XY

Kyle XY was a fantastic show- at least until last night.
Below is a very brief summary of what has happened thus far in the show's existence.
Synopsis: Kyle is a science experiment. His creator(he plays a fatherly figure) built a pod that can sustain life and it kept Kyle safe and growing until the pod's storage place was under attack and his pod was broken, much like a pregnant woman's water breaking causing the baby(or 18 year old) to be born. Kyle had a sister made and born in the same way- Jesse. They have super powers because they can use more than 1o% of their brain(reason #1 why Einstein was so smart(!) Kyle meets Nicole and lives with her and he thinks of her as a motherly figure and her husband and 2 kids as a family. Later(in the most recent season), Jesse joins the family. Kyle saves Nicole's life causing more trouble with the company that made Kyle and Jesse.
Last night,Kyle's ex girlfriend tells Jesse that she will tell Kyle that she wants him back. Kyle discovers that the company wants to make thousands of copies of him and wants to stop it. He confronts the CEO of the company and tells him he can't "cheat god." The CEO threatens Kyle, so Kyle begins to choke him, at which point, the CEO/Rival says that he is Kyle's brother. The show ends there. Did I mention that was the SERIES finale?!?! It wrapped up nothing! We don't know if Kyle stopped/killed him, what happens to Jesse, what happens with Josh(Kyle's adopted family's son)and his girlfriend Andy, what happens with Amanda or anything! It just raised even more questions!
I have a pretty good feeling they are going to HAVE to come back for at least 1/2 of a season in the fall!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

This was the 3rd coolest Disney movie ever created(To Finding Nemo(1)and Shark Tale(2)! It is rated PG, and is one hour and 44 minutes long(with ticket purchasing time). It was the most awesome kick-butt action-packed movie Disney has ever created. It was HILARIOUS too! When you're watching a horror movie you say "Don't go into the closet/woods/empty street (insert character's name here)!" But they always do. Dwayne Johnson says "Don't go into the pimped out fridge Jack," which is the event that really gets the ball rolling. It was like a Star Wars+Star Trek+Geeks+Alien Expo= Race to Witch Mountain!
Aliens(Dakota Fanning(cute hair BTW!) and some other kid) invade the planet in search for something that can save their planet. With the help of Dwayne, the action pursues and the fun is had by all. It is a great family movie and is very much worth the money for the entertainment, I rated it a 4.5.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Have you ever seen how much a caricature is? They're 20-65 dollars apiece depending on where you go. Why are they so expensive? It usually only takes 2o minutes with oil pastels and charcoal! I am currently in the process of making my own. I will make one of each of my family members and I will post them when I finish. They should turn out okay, I am not expecting anything AMAZING(although, that would be pretty cool!).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

L is for Layoff

It is true, it's been on every news channel all day long. L is for Lay off of 20% of the Sesame Street characters. S is for sorry we have to see you go, R is for recession and s is for this is STUPID! W is for Wall street, that truly does effect everything from Main street to Sesame street. First you mess with one character, then you get rid of most of them. NOT NICE! The only for sure character is going is Oscar, the news casters say "Oscar the Grouch gets canned." I am therefore writing this post in memory of Oscar-1969-2009. We will miss you.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Wow. What a difference!

I changed the font and size and some of the colors on my blog today(in case you didn't notice, but you did! Yay you!). I love it! Friday the 13th-number 2 of the year along with Saturday the 14th which, according to Julianna, says that it is Pi day!

Can you tell what this is?? Describe it!

Crazy Hazy Lazy Days of School

Yes, I took the title from an episode of Gilmore Girls- season 1.It sounds much better how it's supposed to be- Crazy Hazy Lazy days of Summer. I felt as though it would fit all the stuff I am gonna right in a second.
I am LOVING this warmer weather!
Yesterday I went to Biology- my teacher's dad is dying so she has to go to Germany all next week:(. I went to P.E. and didn't have to swim(YAY!) because the Showboat teaser shortened all the classes. The teaser was really bad, the singing was very pitchy, all of the stuff they did was in the Audition packet. It mostly made me sad/mad that I didn't make it so I don't get to have the fun backstage. Next year's musical is Les Miserables. In Spanish the kids that always goof around were doing as they always do, and instead of dealing with it appropriately, she decided to stop the review games, the extra credit packets, and give everyone the cruel and unusual punishment of a mandatory write the whole vocab. list x3!
I took the Spanish test and got 102%! I took my English test and did really well(I don't now the exact grade). I took my AP World test and it was REALLY easy! I think I only missed one! Then I took my Algebra test and I think I did really well. Then we had a PEP RALLY! There was NO pep in the pep rally, the Cheerleaders had no idea what they were doing. The girl's indoor track had a GPA of 95.8(they had the highest)!
We are going to the movie theater tomorrow to see Race to Witch Mountain with Anna Sophia Rob and the ROCK!
Have a good weekend!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bucket list

Well, my mom has a list, and so does my fabulous cousin Yaya. It's my turn. This idea originated from the movie, but with a shorter period of time and far less morbid. My list will be for things I want to do/see before I start college, in no particular order.
1. Ride a train
2. See a Broadway play
3. Actually learn a song on my guitar
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Ride in a hot-air balloon
6. Go to Hollywood
7. Write/finish a book
8. Find a cool club that would be worth the 2 1/2 hour ride home.
If I find more stuff I want to add, I will post them. I haven't done any of the things in this list.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wonders what a new set a strings and 7 new picks can do!

My mom works on some Saturdays so my dad does some cool stuff for us. Today we went to a local Bike(Motorcycle) shop and my dad bought a new helmet and my brother bought gloves(I don't know why, I thought for Xtreme Video Gaming(LOL!). Then we went to a local music shop and I got a new set of strings, an electronic tuner and 7 new picks(for when I loose them, I only use one kind in one color)! I must confess that I have owned my guitar for 5 years, but if you put all my time playing together you'd probably get about a month of playing :(, well, I've picked it back up because I still want to play and I have the time now. My guitar is supposedly getting too small for me....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scramble Answers

1.Alexis Bledel (TV series) Gilmore Girls(My Favorite!) Rory
2. Hugh Laurie (TV series) House(My Favorite!) House
3. Theodore Geisel (Author) Dr. Suess(His dad wanted him to be a doctor- Suess is his MIDDLE NAME!)
4. Daniel Radcliffe (Movie) Harry Potter... Uh, duh! Harry Potter
5. Emma Watson (Movie) Harry Potter- Hermionie!
6. Dale & Chip(TV series) Chippendales! Chip and DALE! Bet'cha didn't get THAT one! Mu-hah-haw!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eggs? Scramble this!

I hate eggs. I was thinking today about how people know too many roles they play in Hollywood, but never know their real names, it bugs me! Can you do these without the Internet? I will post the answers tomorrow!
Write the role they play and in what show/movie
1. Alexis Bledel (TV series)
2. Hugh Laurie (TV series)
3. Theodore Geisel (Author)
4. Daniel Radcliffe (Movie)
5. Emma Watson (Movie)
6. Dale & Chip(TV series)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift. She is my most favorite artist ever. She's only 17, she plays acoustic, and she doesn't have a diploma- she started her career instead! Anyway, we went to a local store and I got the CUTEST summer clothes ever, guess whose brand! Taylor Swift! I have the same hair(a little darker though) as her and I play acoustic (kind of...)too! I have tons of clothes for summer now! I can't wait.
I have seen plaid on everyone, where are they getting it?!? Do you know how hard it is to find a cheap pair of cute cowboy boots?!?! Why is it that when you have money and you know what you want, you can't find it?!?!
Ew. I have swimming in gym, for the next 8 (odd) days. Time for the school's chlorine to reek havoc on my hair once again. I just don't get it. At least we don't have to ride the bus back to our school any more, but by the time we get changed(10 minutes), get instruction(10 minutes), get in the pool and warm up(5ish minutes), and do what ever the task is(5ish minutes), it's time to get changed again and go back to class! Therefore, you only get 10 minutes in the pool, and you're wet for the whole day! It would make more sense if gym classes were longer to have swimming.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life is good.

Life is good. Today is sunny and looks warm. It's not. This is late February in Upstate New York. My homework is basic and boring. My classes are too easy. My extended family has messed up and our vacation is scheduled for the week after my spring break. I am being forced to go! I don't want to miss school and I could stay with my Grandma. Nope. I have to go. Oh the torture(she types sarcastically)! Nothing worth sharing is happening right now in my life. Well, I made a kool-aid pouch lunch bag. That's it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Journal

Now no, it hasn't taken me this long to realize that a blog is an online journal. I have known this for as long as I have blogged. However, it has occurred to me, after adding labels to every post(26 in counting), that I have put a lot of my personal daily events here. I enjoy hearing what others feel about my opinions and reviews and other things, that's why I started my own blog(and I got kicked off of my dad's...). It really is a record of my day to day- or more accurately week to week life. I hope you continue to enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am home this week. Thank you Presidents week(she types sarcastically). I am so bored. I have done so many things to stop the flow of boredom letting me think and worry about things from my past that no longer matter- why I didn't make SHOWBOAT, our high school musical, why I called that girl a cunt, why I hate the pain that needles give to me- my pain intolerance to begin with, etc. I have made a Kool-aid pouch purse, I am not quite done with that, friendship bracelets(I don't have friends that would wear them...), I cleaned the house, and I am getting blood drawn tomorrow. I have even watched the local, and national news stations. Haleigh? Are you kidding me? ANOTHER Casey Anthony Story? DID ANYONE LEARN?! Obama's $800 BILLION stimulus plan! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! Thankfully they are almost done with our house....

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today... mixed emotions.
Some bee-otch(NOT in a loving way) decided it would be a good idea to mess with me. Did I mention the bitch is 12?!? She meddled into a conversation I was having with a kid that hates her but she likes him. I sit next to my 12 year old brother everyday because I don't want to sit next to the dirt bags that ride our bus and I don't want him to either. I looked at the boy because he was being loud for 30 seconds! He said I was STARING at him and eavesdropping, then he told me that I have no friends. Believe it or not, I expect a LOT from my friends, so I only have 5 close friends. This hit me close to home, so I said "I'd rather have "no friends" then to have THAT for a friend.(I pointed to the BITCHY girl who I have had problems with before.)" She called me a bitch, incest, stupid, ugly, etc. I called her a cunt. I have never EVER used this word before, but she just blew it off with the unintelligent word- Whatever. An acquaintance tried to stick up for me, bad ass that the bitch was trying to be didn't do anything. It was pretty much left there.
I went on with my day believing that it still could be the best day ever(me and my optimism). It was fantastic and really easy. Then I got back on the bus....
I took my seat with my brother and immediately heard her talking about how she was going to hit me in the head or pull my hair WITHIN MY EARSHOT!!!! I asked my brother to trade places(Me on the inside, him on the outside), and the amazing brother that he is just moved with out asking why. The bus came to a halt at her stop and someone said that I had called her a cunt(probably a friend of hers). EVERYONE from that stop, and I made absolutely sure that no one heard me call her that, agreed that it was me that called her that. They were ALL on her side- home side advantage I guess. The bus diver stood up for me, she gave me her last name and said go ahead. I am going to sue her if she even touches me. Done. DONE! DONE!!!! I am DONE WITH THE BITCH!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Catch up.

It seems as though I am doing more catch up posts than actual posts these days. Anyway, I have a few Movie reviews... Bangkok Dangerous and City of Ember (see below). I am reading Fahrenheit 4 5 1 in English. It's about a man who is mentally pushed to think in a society where walking was illegal and unsafe, large TVs are on every wall with literally mindless shows, books are burned by firemen that cause fires, and thinking is illegal. This may turn out to be the best book I have ever read(I am on page 18 at the moment). Today, I was singing in Women's Choir, and this beautiful line hit me like a truck sliding into a semi in the icy dead of winter(SLAM). Don't steal it. I am putting into the book I am writing.... "As she stood, the vibrations springing from the grand piano danced merrily through the sheet music she held in her hands, sending the notes strait into her heart." Any(I really do mean any(reasonably of course) suggestions for my story at all I could use. Thanks!

City of Ember

A city is built underground with a box set to open in 200 years. Now with natural curiosity, two young girls and a boy attempt to seek the above world when the city with no natural light begins to have black outs. Why have LCD and HD TVs when your TV is so synced into the room that the power goes off right at an important moment. I didn't finish the movie then, because the power didn't come back on for a while, but I watched the rest of it last night. It was fantastic, definitely a family movie. I rated it a 4.

Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous. Oh My God. Nicholas Cage/Action Movie OF THE YEAR!! The plot had me on the edge of my seat. It involves an assassin(Cage) on his "final run." This assassin receives pictures of the people he is supposed to kill. When he goes to Bangkok(hints at the title), he makes an apprentice. This apprentice is a native and helps him along the way. Now, it is a little racy, so I wouldn't recommend you watch it with your 10 year old... nudity. As the story goes along, the assassin has a deaf love interest, and the movie ends with a cliff hanger.... What cliff exactly, I am not sure. I give it a 3.7.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Midterms are officially over!

I got my test results back! I did REALLY well. I won't share because of confidentiality reasons and I didn't do as well as I would have liked on most of them. Another hint that I am an amazing student is that the scores ranged from 81-89, with the exception of one grade, passing, but I am not happy with it.
An on again off again friend tried to cause some drama today by telling my best guy friend that I wanted to date him... I didn't. He was supposedly heart-broken after "dating" me for 5 minutes(3 of which I didn't even know about!). Obviously, we are now off again. Probably for good. I just had to trust her words... which were most likely lies... I'm going to talk to him tomorrow. I am sure he will understand she's just a bitch.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Women Movie Review

Okay, so you may have heard of this movie from YaYa, but now that I have seen it, and now it is my turn to review it, to give you another person's idea.
The movie is supposed to be about about a group of normal women that make it through a tough time. What it is actually about is a bunch of really rich, whiny housewives. These housewives whole lives are about gossip. The trials and tribulations they go through when devestation hits one of them drag. It ends happily, but with no real answers. I've given a rating of 3.5 stars.
Now I am going to watch Bangkok Dangerous starring *Nicholas Cage* a.k.a. my mom's boyfriend... I think he's an AMAZING actor and he knows what he's doing.... He's kind of the Jackie Chan or Robin Williams, in his own genre.

Friday, January 30, 2009

To Be Politically Correct... or not to be...

I love a little thing called "Flashback Fridays" that YaYa does. Well, due to idiotic liberals, the simple little things such as Cookie Monster, are taken from the very fabrication of little minds. We all know who Cookie Monster is, but now he's the "Veggie Monster." Cookie Monster's love of cookies made him relateble to little kids that like cookies. NOBODY likes vegetables.
President Obama. I have a few problems with his morals... but I think it is great that we have taken a step forward in American History. However, just because he is black, people think you are racist if you say his morals stink. It's ridiculous. Stupid Liberals, you can take our bad grammar and our bad speech away, but when you mess with our childhood memories, that's where we draw the line of death... DO NOT cross.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The above title to this post is what I did after my test today. It was like my teacher gave us all 10 review packets again. I barely studied. It was very easy. I think I did very well, not just in biology, but all of my midterms... we'll find out next week when I get my report card! Speaking of next week, Arbitron Ratings is paying me to do a Radio diary. It's only $2, but it's free, and I have to write very little for it, plus, it helps them out. What should I do with my new found money...YaYa had this problem, she bought windows....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Midterm Over Load

This past week hasn't been completely boring, it was actually kind of fun, well at least until yesterday....
Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- I went and helped Alicia with the kiddos at this amazingly fun giant warehouse of bounce houses. Technically, I was too old for it, but I didn't care, I took the kiddos on the gigantic slide within the "referees" view and they didn't mind. Tons of fun! Thanks Yaya! Oh, and I also gave the letters to her for one of the kids she works with. They were awesome.
Tuesday- I had school. Yay... I guess. We worked on reviews in all of my classes. Little homework though. English Midterm started.
Wednesday- School again, more reviews and an English test, again. It hit me that the reviews we were doing were for the midterms we would be taking tomorrow....
Thursday-More school, Reviews/tests. I had my English test, Spanish, and AP world tests today. When I was taking my AP exam, writing an essay, we had to write about similarities and differences between the cultural diffusion of Buddhism and Christianity. I would understand the religions, but the cultural diffusion of them? This caused me so much stress that I was shaking because this was the only thing I didn't study... It wasn't gonna be flat out in our notes.... Good thing I had another day to study....
Friday- Last day of the week. I only went for the tests. I had English, Spanish, AP world and Algebra. English all week was on Grammar, and don't worry, I did alright, despite all the fragments of this post. Spanish was just too easy! I have a 99 in that class, and that's pretty scary that my English(first language) grade is lower than that. AP world went a lot smoother. All my tests would have been better if I hadn't played Wii on Thursday- my arm still hurts! Ghost Whisperer was still disappointing, Melinda still hasn't told Sam/Jim that he's Jim, but it did have a surprise ending, which I predicted.
Today- I have no idea what I am doing to day. My mom is at work, and I am about to go wake up my dad.
Tomorrow- I still have no idea.
Monday- I have a Biology unit test- the DAY BEFORE the midterm!
Tuesday- We have "Regents Week" at my school and you don't go to school if you don't have a test. I have my Biology unit test in the morning- I get to go home at 11:00. A three hour test... 100 questions... fun.
Wednesday- I'm off from school. I'll probably finally finish Eclipse. It was boring me, so I set it down for a month... I still hate Stephenie Meyer's grammar. I told my English teacher about it, and she never even noticed it... weird. Speaking of eclipses- I making a lot of them in this post!
Thursday- I'm off from school. My brother has to go all week. Poor Buddy. I might go help someone at work today.
Friday-I'm off from school, again. I'll be anxiously awaiting Ghost Whisperer(My LIFE on Friday nights). I think this is gonna be the last season, the episodes are getting worse and worse.
I think this maybe the longest post ever. You can come back and read up on this throughout the week. You don't have to read it all now, but if you're reading this, you probably already have!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New I-pod

I have had many I-pods. I had the Video, then I decided it wasn't worth it because I didn't watch that many movies, and I wanted something smaller, so I went to the extreme- the I-pod shuffle. I have been missing being able to pick my song, so I decided I need yet another I-pod. I was going to get an I-touch, but I decided it was a little too flashy-influenced, more than I needed, and still way to expensive. As a result, I decided on a Chromatic. It's black. It's amazing- songs, videos, games, just no Internet. It was sooo with the money because I got it at Circuit City. They're sadly going out of business, so everything is 10% off, and final. Dad almost cried at that news, he HATES Best Buy. I am so glad I chose the Chromatic over the Touch. I have Twilight on it! YAY YAY YAY YAY! **Dad:If you're reading this, you ROCK! I love you for putting all those songs on my ipod(again)!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry I was out so long! I'm back!

Busy, fast week. Last week dragged on and on. I don't know what it is, but this week, I felt "light." It's hard to explain. I guess I have been "at peace." This week has been very good. It FLEW by! I am still alive, but barely, next week I have tons of Mid terms! I have been lazy/busy this week, so I didn't feel like blogging- no offense to you guys! EVERYBODY has Ipod touches! They are so cool! I got to play with one, they have a fake ring- no phone service, internet connection capability, songs, games, videos and more! I really want one.... We have Monday off. Our house is completely done with the wooden structure!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Study Overload=Blog Neglection

I really don't have much to say these days. That's because I am studying like crazy because I have 5 mid-terms in two weeks! I will continue to post during the next two weeks, but it will not be as often as before. Our house is completely done- well, with the plywood anyway. Check it out at the Bainbridge Chronicles! I hope you will continue to visit my blog for the next two weeks because there may be something good! And you don't want to miss that!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Now the next movie review was not tainted with my beliefs at all, mostly because I didn't watch them on the same day. I usually rate out of 5, but this(reguarding my same scale)gets a 10! Mama Mia! is a movie about a young girl who wants to find her father so he can give her away at her wedding. Now the amount of music, and the way they go into it, you would think that the mother, her daughter, the extra town people and all the people on the island only listened to ABBA and made it part of their language! This is the BEST movie I have ever seen. Well, not as AMAZING as Twilight was, but it is in a completely different subject. This movie contains the biggest hits originally by ABBA and nothing but. Now I know why my dad wanted to see it so bad! It contains hits like Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Honey, Honey, Mama Mia!, Take a Chance on Me, and MUCH more! I didn't even know who they were before I saw this, and now I am jamming out to them! GO ABBA, Go MAMA MIA!