Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love my readers

I love my readers because they listen to me and my blabbing on and on about things no one really wants to listen to. I also love my readers because they help me with things. I am not begging, but...

I have done a video for a Sing Like Taylor Swift Contest. The winner will get an autographed Fearless box set valued at $150. You videotape yourself singing karaoke to a Taylor Song, send it in, and people vote. The voting is for entertainment purposes only, but it DOES INFLUENCE the judges's opinions. I would be eternally grateful if you would go to this link. You just click the vote button. No limit on votes, but please don't spend all day just clicking the vote button for me! The winners from 6 different markets will go head to head for a chance at the following:
Trip to Nashville,
Plane Tickets,
Hotel acomodations,
CMA tickets-gold circle,
Kellie Pickler tickets,
AND a meeting with an executive at Taylor's record company!

Thank you so so much!!


  1. I voted! And I'm gonna post it on my blog this weekend!