Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eggs? Scramble this!

I hate eggs. I was thinking today about how people know too many roles they play in Hollywood, but never know their real names, it bugs me! Can you do these without the Internet? I will post the answers tomorrow!
Write the role they play and in what show/movie
1. Alexis Bledel (TV series)
2. Hugh Laurie (TV series)
3. Theodore Geisel (Author)
4. Daniel Radcliffe (Movie)
5. Emma Watson (Movie)
6. Dale & Chip(TV series)


  1. Ok I won't cheat:

    Gillmore Girls
    don't know
    Harry Potter
    Harry Potter
    don't know

  2. 1. Rory in "Gilmore Girls" (my favorite show, seriously)
    2. Greg House in "House"
    3. Dr. Suess
    4. Harry in Harry Potter and some guy in Equus
    5. Hermione in Harry Potter
    6. The chipmunks from all the Chip and Dale movies (I know Disney Christmas is one...)
    I didn't cheat.