Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I hate swimming!

I only have one class left(thank the god!) but my headaches are getting much worse. I had stomach problems for a long time, but they recently went way, as well as my head aches. We started swimming and after that my headaches came back. Today it has been almost unbearable-never mind the fact that I haven't taken aspirin yet.... I think it might be the chlorine- we're doing a snorkeling unit. Snorkeling would be my favorite unit, but I have a retainer, so the tube doesn't fit in my mouth, letting water in, and my mask NEVER fits right-letting water in. Today we had to go 8 feet underwater through a hula hoop and I made it but then I couldn't breathe. I rushed to the surface and blew the water out and accidentally breathed through my nose and got if full of water. I pulled off my mask and finally started breathing air again. I have contacts. Chlorine, especially like my school's pool, is not good in my eyes. It burns. Homework doesn't help the head aches either. I hate swimming.
On a lighter note, it's Wednesday, two more days until I get to go see the Knowing with Nicholas Cage!