Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift. She is my most favorite artist ever. She's only 17, she plays acoustic, and she doesn't have a diploma- she started her career instead! Anyway, we went to a local store and I got the CUTEST summer clothes ever, guess whose brand! Taylor Swift! I have the same hair(a little darker though) as her and I play acoustic (kind of...)too! I have tons of clothes for summer now! I can't wait.
I have seen plaid on everyone, where are they getting it?!? Do you know how hard it is to find a cheap pair of cute cowboy boots?!?! Why is it that when you have money and you know what you want, you can't find it?!?!
Ew. I have swimming in gym, for the next 8 (odd) days. Time for the school's chlorine to reek havoc on my hair once again. I just don't get it. At least we don't have to ride the bus back to our school any more, but by the time we get changed(10 minutes), get instruction(10 minutes), get in the pool and warm up(5ish minutes), and do what ever the task is(5ish minutes), it's time to get changed again and go back to class! Therefore, you only get 10 minutes in the pool, and you're wet for the whole day! It would make more sense if gym classes were longer to have swimming.


  1. I love Taylor Swift, too. I didn't know anything about her until recently when my sister started playing her songs all the time. She was on Saturday Night Live last night (well, it was a repeat from last month). She did Love Story. We had swimming at my school when I was in middle school. I hated getting changed for it and being wet all day to go in the pool for ten minutes. I used to say the same thing you just said about it.

  2. Love Taylor Swift too!

    OMG...I STILL have nightmares about swim session in high school. Sadly, I'm not joking.