Saturday, January 17, 2009

New I-pod

I have had many I-pods. I had the Video, then I decided it wasn't worth it because I didn't watch that many movies, and I wanted something smaller, so I went to the extreme- the I-pod shuffle. I have been missing being able to pick my song, so I decided I need yet another I-pod. I was going to get an I-touch, but I decided it was a little too flashy-influenced, more than I needed, and still way to expensive. As a result, I decided on a Chromatic. It's black. It's amazing- songs, videos, games, just no Internet. It was sooo with the money because I got it at Circuit City. They're sadly going out of business, so everything is 10% off, and final. Dad almost cried at that news, he HATES Best Buy. I am so glad I chose the Chromatic over the Touch. I have Twilight on it! YAY YAY YAY YAY! **Dad:If you're reading this, you ROCK! I love you for putting all those songs on my ipod(again)!


  1. Haha cool. I have a really old iPod. My friends call it a historical artifact. It's a blue mini, one of those black-and-white-screen ones that lasted about a year until they came up with the nano. I don't mind, it works just fine. Just doesn't hold a charge for very long. My sister has the touch, and that thing is awesome.

  2. Lucky!!!!!!!!

    2 awards at my blog for you!

  3. Hahaha! That's funny Juliana! Yaya, don't you have the same one only orange?!?!

  4. You don't have twilight on your iPod......yet! lol However, you do have Mamma Mia and a bunch of Abba songs.