Thursday, April 30, 2009


I miss my guitar. I haven't played it in days! I have had so many things to make up and do to stay with the rest of the class. It isn't tiring, no, it's more like a brain workout.
Yesterday, I spent 5 hours on homework. Rewrite for English, 3X over(my Spanish II classmates were talk talk talking again= whole vocab list X3- hand written), Spanish Project, Spanish Activities 8, 9, 10, Study for Living Environment tests, AP: 15 note cards, 6 note cards.
I was listening to my Ipod on the way to school today and there were ALL my favorite songs(Taylor Swift) in a row, then then a slow, sad song came on, I was like Ugg. SKIP!
I am so bored, I want to play my guitar, I am ALMOST done with my first 3 minute(a little over) song and I want to finish it!!

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