Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kyle XY

Kyle XY was a fantastic show- at least until last night.
Below is a very brief summary of what has happened thus far in the show's existence.
Synopsis: Kyle is a science experiment. His creator(he plays a fatherly figure) built a pod that can sustain life and it kept Kyle safe and growing until the pod's storage place was under attack and his pod was broken, much like a pregnant woman's water breaking causing the baby(or 18 year old) to be born. Kyle had a sister made and born in the same way- Jesse. They have super powers because they can use more than 1o% of their brain(reason #1 why Einstein was so smart(!) Kyle meets Nicole and lives with her and he thinks of her as a motherly figure and her husband and 2 kids as a family. Later(in the most recent season), Jesse joins the family. Kyle saves Nicole's life causing more trouble with the company that made Kyle and Jesse.
Last night,Kyle's ex girlfriend tells Jesse that she will tell Kyle that she wants him back. Kyle discovers that the company wants to make thousands of copies of him and wants to stop it. He confronts the CEO of the company and tells him he can't "cheat god." The CEO threatens Kyle, so Kyle begins to choke him, at which point, the CEO/Rival says that he is Kyle's brother. The show ends there. Did I mention that was the SERIES finale?!?! It wrapped up nothing! We don't know if Kyle stopped/killed him, what happens to Jesse, what happens with Josh(Kyle's adopted family's son)and his girlfriend Andy, what happens with Amanda or anything! It just raised even more questions!
I have a pretty good feeling they are going to HAVE to come back for at least 1/2 of a season in the fall!


  1. Oh I hate when it ends in suspense!

  2. Oh you have no idea! Go to abcfamily.com to read the interviews, blogs, and watch the shows. The first season only had 10 episodes, the second had 23 and I have no idea how many the final season(3) had. It lost 33% of its viewers to Secret Life of the American Teenager. I stand by my thought of its coming back for another season.

  3. My sister was just talking about that! She liked it, I think. I haven't watched Kyle XY since it's first year.