Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Sorry

I wonder how many people have stopped reading my blog because I haven't been posting....
I'm so sorry. I haven't had internet, cable, or phone. I have missed my blog and YaYa's blog so much.
Moving is a pain. Well, let be begin.
The night I was supposed to sleepover at G's house, the movers came. They packed one load, and broke the stairs in our apartment, so they only go the one load! I had to go home and help move stuff.
After that, it's been a whirl wind, a blur, a fuzzy memory that I keep reliving, every day! All I can remember doing is moving boxes in from our garage, with each box, a new piece of garage showed.
I wrote a couple of songs- fairly good, I'd rather not share... people steal other people's work.
I had my finals, my AP test was BEYOND easy!
We moved some more, we painted, we moved some more.
Now it's summer.
The Thirteenth Tale is the MOST BORING BOOK I've read- EVER! And even worse, I HAVE to read it so I can go into English 10 Honors next year....
We've been without cable, phone, and internet for the last month or so. Dad's so irritated he might switch from Frontier to Time Warner Cable(of which he's sworn he would NEVER do...).
I hope all my readers have missed me, sorry I've been neglecting my blog... again....