Friday, May 15, 2009


This week, I will copy Yaya's Idea of venting through letters in my blog. My week has been nothing out of the ordinary, Ghost Whisperer is on tonight.

Dear Ryan Homes,
Currently, my family is building a house with you. We have been waiting for more than a year and a half, we were not originally happy with your work... until we made you fix it(thank you!). We were supposed to move in this weekend, that didn't happen because of our mortgage company, that is not your fault. However, it is your fault that you decided to hydro-seed our lawn AGAINST what you said you would do- hydro-seed once we move it when you know it needs to be keep moist--requiring daily watering. Note to you: WE AREN'T THERE TO WATER IT! Not to say we aren't there everyday inspecting anyway, but nonetheless.

Dear HP Company,
My family has now bought TWO(2) laptop computers from your company. BOTH of which have gotten the charger adapter, located IN the computer, broken. It costs at least 2oo dollars to fix, per computer. Now you may believe that it is my fault that these pieces were broken on the aforementioned laptops, but it is not, I take ginger, protective care over my laptops because I realize that they are expensive and resourceful. Neither my family or I will be purchasing another HP because both of these computers lasted no more than 3 years. Now, let me point out that out Toshiba laptop computer has lasted a 5 year period, out-lived both of the HP computers, has had NO problems whatsoever, and can load pages much faster. However, if you manage to figure out a way to compensate me by paying for my these computers to be fixed, I will recall all of the above.

Once again, I've had a good day and a good week. I just needed to get this out!


  1. Oh you didn't copy me! I see letters on a bunch of blogs. Sort of therapeutic, isn't it?

    Ryan homes built our development. We didn't build our house but are the second owners and are starting to get things fixed...while in getting things fixed we are realizing that they did a lot of stuff in a hurry/on the cheap. For example, make sure you check your heating air ducts. Ours were filled with rubble and sheet rock. Also, our doorways were not standard sized doors and the doors weren't jimmied correctly. Little things like that are just so annoying.

    Oh, and you gotta get a Mac.

  2. I saw that you did it first, I wanted to give you credit.
    They built my old house to. That's why we have Mom, she catches EVERYTHING!