Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Have to Start Somewhere

Whenever I watch too much TV(like this week), I want to write so badly about something that a lot of people would like(like now), and yet, I have NO ideas. To hopefully inspire me, here's a free-verse poem(no rhyming, essentially boring, but still considered a poem) to tell you my dilemma.
What to Write?
What to write? What to write?
Science Fiction will too soon be no longer be Fiction, just a disappointment,
Fairy Tales almost never come true,
Plays are too hard to get people to read,
Non-Fiction is boring,
Musicals require too much creativity,
Ballads are usually corny,
Poems are too short,
Essays are too long,
I guess I'll go write another blog post about it.
-Original poem by Rayanna
-Inspiration: Shel Silverstein

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