Friday, April 17, 2009


We leave tonight, well, tomorrow at 4 a.m. Traveling on our vacations is very important to our family. We've been to so many places....
My favorite vacations:
1. Berkshires
2. Outer Banks
3. Downtown(if our hometown counts!)
4. Illinois-St. Louis
Not so relaxing:
1. Cedar Point
2. Universal Studios
3. Vegas
4. Disney World
5. San Antonio(Haven't been since I was 4! Can't really remember!)
I think that's all of them!
Stay tuned for daily updates on the vacation to the Outer Banks!


  1. I'm gonna miss you. :( :( :(
    And of course you are leaving the one week I have to babysit Vaughn 10 days and nights in a row!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!

    Have fun and have a safe trip!

    Don't talk to strangers! ;)

    Take lots of pictures!

    Text when you get back!

  2. PS I texted you 'when do you leave' on Monday...did you not get that til Thursday??

  3. Aww. I know!
    I will.
    I won't.
    I am.
    Yes. My phone died and I lost it. I have it now, it's charged, the text was waiting when I charged it on Thursday.