Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, Friday night we went school shopping- new clothes, new supplies... etc. We weren't done.
Saturday, I picked up the last of what I thought I needed-- Backpacks are UGLY and there aren't many choices ANYWHERE! They should have a website/store where you can personalize a cool backpack with enough room that won't kill your back!
Sunday- I realized that I forgot about a few minor things. Cue trip #4!

School starts in 25 days!

Why can't they give us a list of everything we need before school starts- they do a good job, so far, for most of my classes. But there's always that ONE thing they forget, or they don't give you anything you need until after the first day of school. Then they make it an assignment to get the remainder of what you need by the end of the week. But by then, everything is gone, not on sale, and 8 times more expensive. But you don't want to buy extra binders and folders, and dividers because they are already expensive!
DIVIDERS! They're useful, sure, but they are a piece of paper and plastic- for $2/5pack. For MATH ALONE I need 15! I don't get it.

On a lighter note: it's Taylor's 10th week at Country Music's Top 20 AT NUMBER ONE with You Belong With Me!!


  1. I know, school supplies are so expensive. They really add up. I don't think teachers realize that you need supplies for every single class which equals a lot of money.

  2. My school starts on Tuesday, but I have to be there tomorrow anyway to help out at the freshmen orientation. I still don't know what I need for school. My teachers tell us on the first day, but because of block scheduling, I won't know everything I need until the second day. Enjoy your summer while you have it! ^_^