Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am home this week. Thank you Presidents week(she types sarcastically). I am so bored. I have done so many things to stop the flow of boredom letting me think and worry about things from my past that no longer matter- why I didn't make SHOWBOAT, our high school musical, why I called that girl a cunt, why I hate the pain that needles give to me- my pain intolerance to begin with, etc. I have made a Kool-aid pouch purse, I am not quite done with that, friendship bracelets(I don't have friends that would wear them...), I cleaned the house, and I am getting blood drawn tomorrow. I have even watched the local, and national news stations. Haleigh? Are you kidding me? ANOTHER Casey Anthony Story? DID ANYONE LEARN?! Obama's $800 BILLION stimulus plan! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! Thankfully they are almost done with our house....


  1. I hear the guy that updates The Bainbridge Chronicles smells really good. (and he's really smart, too!) LOL

  2. You get a whole week off for President's Day? I would say lucky, but you're bored, so I guess it's not so good. I would use that time to write.

  3. I wish you could just do my job for me this week. I'm exhausted. I would bring you with me but my schedule has me rushing to appointments right from work each day. Ugg.

    Sorry you are bored. And I would wear a friendship bracelet!

  4. The first quote was actually my dad! :)
    YES! I HATE IT! I have, write homework!
    It's okay. I know what your schedule looks like!