Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sesame Street + some good old sarcasm

This year has been hard. It's not over. With hard economic times, EVERYONE has been effected. Cookie Monster has been changed into Veggie Monster. As with most businesses, some members of Sesame Street have been evicted. Don't laugh. I am taking this seriously. Well, now they've celebrated their 40th anniversary! Well, with the world supposedly ending in 2012, this may be just the beginning....
Aliens will finally be visiting Earth(According to my science teacher, who believes in my theory that alien may very well exist, it's just that we don't have the technology to get to them, and they(As far as the U.S. F.B.I knows)don't have the technology to come here...)

Pigs will rule the Earth due to all the Swine flu. Go Pigs!

No one will keep reading my blog because they all decided that I'm crazy to listen to my Taylor Swift Holiday collection CD (available for $7 at Target) before Thanksgiving. That's right. I am still a huge fan. Even though the judges think that they should pick the one guy in 50 girls to go up for the competition. I didn't win.

I had a very sarcastic day. Not FANTASTIC. NOT Bad.

My mom is going to the Guitars and Stars concert that I said no to because I figured I would have too much homework. Well GUESS WHAT!!! I'm more peppy and awake than I have been in forever(despite one of our cats coming in at 3 in the MORNING to wake me up by puking on my floor!), AND I have no homework. ALL my projects are done too!!!! DANG!!!!



  1. I do believe aliens.

    I like to believe that one day penguins will rule the world.

    How's your school with the swine? People are dropping like flies at Josh's school.

    We start listening to Christmas music on nov 1st at our house.

    Concerts are fun. Always say yes to a concert you silly.

    Phew. I think that's it you random girl. We are related, aren't we?! ;)

  2. I just sent Ranney and email

  3. I was shocked and dismayed when I saw who the judges selected for the Taylor Swift contest - some guy?!?!??

    And you had more votes then the grand prize winner... that really blows.

    I enjoyed looking at your picture (the first frame of the video) when I voted over and over for ya!

    psst... the aliens are ORANGE and they are CONES and they have ALREADY taken over the world - we (well, some of us) just don't know it yet!