Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day #4

Stuff I left out of Wednesday's post: we went to DQ, yum, Midnight Truffle! We also climbed up and down the 214 steps of the Currituck Lighthouse.
Today is day 4. We stayed at the house mostly today. We went to Sonic and the Kitty Hawk strip of little 'Ma&Pa' stores. I bought my nail polish from Del Sol- it's peach and in the sun it's red. Really cool! Oh, I also bought more Taffy- I was running out of good flavors, the new stuff is REALLY sticky. I think the best thing about here, other than the beach is the names of the houses, for example:
Aquaduck(blue house)
Duck a la orange(Orange house)
Duck duck Goose
M&Ms(trade marked logo and everything)
Island Paradise(Redundant!)
Corolla: Where we are staying. The locals pronounce it like Ku-rah-luh. I found a really cool sticker the looked like a dictionary definition:
1. A small drinking town with a slight fishing problem.
I thought that was cute.


  1. Oh I remember the house names from when we went there forever ago!

    Yum! Taffy!