Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review-- The New harry Potter

Okay, so first, The NEW MOON trailer is all screwy! Bella isn't supposed to have a baby until the 4 book! Jake cut his HAIR! AH(BTW: He's still way hotter than Edward!)!

The movie....
Harry cut his hair too. It was all choppy, and unexplained- to the point if you didn't read the books, you weren't gonna get it! They also stopped in the middle of the book. Emma Watson isn't in it as much as she should be, well that's because she's a diva. She got a stalker(creepy, but JUST ONE), and she was sick of it after doing 6 years of Wizardry. They caught her in a contract, but she was awful in the second half-- her heart was not in it.
Snape killed Dumbledore(duh!). They don't explain why that's a good thing. Harry realizes he needs Hermione and Ron, movie ENDS.
I give it a 4. It's essential to the story line, but I'd wait to rent it.
The last book will be split into two movies.
If you haven't read at least the 6th book, forget it, you aren't going to get anything in the last three movies.


  1. Oh dear, another not so good review of this movie!

  2. Thanks for the review...I almost went today but somehow I havent been able to bring myself to do it!

  3. Where in the trailer does it say Bella has a baby? I missed that. And the last Harry Potter I read was Order of the Phoenix, and I read that in 5th grade, so by the time I saw the movie, everything was a suprise because I forgot I read it.