Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wonders what a new set a strings and 7 new picks can do!

My mom works on some Saturdays so my dad does some cool stuff for us. Today we went to a local Bike(Motorcycle) shop and my dad bought a new helmet and my brother bought gloves(I don't know why, I thought for Xtreme Video Gaming(LOL!). Then we went to a local music shop and I got a new set of strings, an electronic tuner and 7 new picks(for when I loose them, I only use one kind in one color)! I must confess that I have owned my guitar for 5 years, but if you put all my time playing together you'd probably get about a month of playing :(, well, I've picked it back up because I still want to play and I have the time now. My guitar is supposedly getting too small for me....


  1. Remember when you gave me a guitar lesson? That was so cute!!

  2. Ps Extreme video!

  3. Eh. Not so good though... do still have the stickers to mark the frets? LOL!
    He thought I was CRAZY! LOL!