Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon- Team Jacob from the start!

Absolutely amazing. Although it didn't cover enough of Jacob's relationship with Bella, was absolutely fantastic. Even in these tough economic times, $8.00 to see this movie is well worth it and then some. Although, Jacob could have left his shirt off a little more... :) LOL. This movie is very prone to spoilers, so I am limited at to what I can say, but it ties very well with the book(around $14 at any store books are sold, also well worth the money...), and Jacob doesn't look terrible with shorter hair. I like it longer, but he could NEVER be ugly.
Love love love


  1. I've heard he's a hottie in this!!!! And you said it from the first movie when everyone said 'naw, he's not hot'!

  2. Taylor makes me not hate Jacob as much, but I am still Team Edward. :P