Monday, March 16, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

This was the 3rd coolest Disney movie ever created(To Finding Nemo(1)and Shark Tale(2)! It is rated PG, and is one hour and 44 minutes long(with ticket purchasing time). It was the most awesome kick-butt action-packed movie Disney has ever created. It was HILARIOUS too! When you're watching a horror movie you say "Don't go into the closet/woods/empty street (insert character's name here)!" But they always do. Dwayne Johnson says "Don't go into the pimped out fridge Jack," which is the event that really gets the ball rolling. It was like a Star Wars+Star Trek+Geeks+Alien Expo= Race to Witch Mountain!
Aliens(Dakota Fanning(cute hair BTW!) and some other kid) invade the planet in search for something that can save their planet. With the help of Dwayne, the action pursues and the fun is had by all. It is a great family movie and is very much worth the money for the entertainment, I rated it a 4.5.

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  1. I didn't realize that was Dakota Fanning in that movie?