Friday, January 30, 2009

To Be Politically Correct... or not to be...

I love a little thing called "Flashback Fridays" that YaYa does. Well, due to idiotic liberals, the simple little things such as Cookie Monster, are taken from the very fabrication of little minds. We all know who Cookie Monster is, but now he's the "Veggie Monster." Cookie Monster's love of cookies made him relateble to little kids that like cookies. NOBODY likes vegetables.
President Obama. I have a few problems with his morals... but I think it is great that we have taken a step forward in American History. However, just because he is black, people think you are racist if you say his morals stink. It's ridiculous. Stupid Liberals, you can take our bad grammar and our bad speech away, but when you mess with our childhood memories, that's where we draw the line of death... DO NOT cross.


  1. Very very very true. You are so wise!

  2. I hate the veggie monster thing. Really stupid. I'm going to get the old, good kids TV on DVDs (or whatever they'll have in the future) for my kids to watch.

  3. I love you people, you so get me! LOL!