Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Knowing- M.T.Y.

Are you crazy if....?

You see every disaster in the future and know the place(lat. and long.), date, and number of people that will die, hear voices? That's Lucille. You believe that the world is just made of a bunch of mistakes and coincidences? That's John- Nicholas Cage. You hear voices and listen to them, do what they say without questions? That's Abby and Calib.

This was the first film that I have ever cried from and shaken from in the theater, no, ever. It was fantastic. It was about a child named Calib who found a piece of paper with a series of numbers that seemed to have no sequence and stole it from his school. His father(Cage), finds the sequence- lat, long, date, number of causalities. Calib meets a little girl(Abby) who's mom(Dianna) has been through a lot, much like Calib's dad.

After John goes through two of the final dates on the list, they go on a journey together to find the final dates on the list. Dianna's mother was Lucille. At the place where Lucille died, John finds a link to his son. They had to find a safe place to hide from the last date on the list. John had an idea once he found the missing numbers and shared it with Dianna.

At a local gas station, two strange men take the children. John later finds them unharmed. They are the chosen ones. This made me cry.

I was shaking from the intensity.

Nightmare rating- 5 if you don't finish it, 2 if you see the ending. Movie rating, 10, out of 5. Thousands of times better than Twilight. Quite possibly the MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Rated PG-13, that would only ring true if you have an EXTREMELY mature 13 year old. I strongly recommend this movie, especially at just under 2 hours.


  1. Ha-is the nightmare rating especially for me? Sounds like a great movie.

  2. Yes. You were the one that asked for it :~D