Friday, July 31, 2009


I woke up at 3:30 A.M. to my cats screaming at each other. Not fun.
I officially woke up(actually got my lazy butt out of bed) around 7:00. The COFFEE CLUB! It starts at 5:30, where they would be giving away Meet and Greet tickets!
Dad thankfully had been listening. They didn't give them away until 9:45- No win.
Mom bought me tickets when I thought I couldn't go to the drawing.
Then, we went to a town near by where they were giving tickets to the Kieth Urban Back Stage experience(he talks, signs stuff, plays for a group of 50 people, signs his guitar and gives it away.)- No win. Why exactly do you have to be 18 to enter a ticket giveaway? I understand 13 and older, some of the music is kind of iffy. I understand 16, then you can drive and pretty much make all decisions for your self. What's different about 18-- you can vote, FOR president, NOT Music Stations.... Good thing my mom bought me tickets!
I like to go to drawings and stuff like that. It's fun for me. I dressed up like Taylor Swift (my neighbors think I have her hair) in my new boots and hat, make up, just missing the guitar.
Now, I'm not saying that I'm exactly "Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, or Taylor Swift Beautiful," but people were staring. I don't mind- I actually find my self doing it too. What I think is a little weird is the gaping mouth, chin out, snooty look. I came home, lazy and tired, didn't want to take off my make up, so I went with my mom to pick up some ice cream(I went a little crazy- 1 scoop cookie dough), there were more stairs.
I honestly don't get it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

O Me O Mi

I don't know.
I've been obsessed with my guitar lately, I love it. It's my life.
I'm in a rut. I have chords in cool sequences, cool ideas, and I CAN'T put them together. Well, maybe it's because I keep making up chords that are so amazing and I don't know what they are yet! Yes, I've been playing while watching TV, just so you know.
My parents anniversary was tonight!
I need to start:
Studying for next year.
Calling the girls for the party.
Sleeping more.
I got the most amazing boots EVER from ALLOY.COM! It's been a pain breaking them in, but it's so worth it.
Oh, and I've watch CMT and GAC so much, I practically know what song they're gonna play next....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taylor Swift!

I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift on my favorite station- WBEE! She is doing a "confrence call" type thing, basically she's talking to Billy Kydd about her song writing, her past boyfriends, and the concert she'll be doing with KEITH URBAN (OH MY GOD!!) and about this hilarious video.
Okay so, I can't upload it but you can watch Taylor Swift's Thug Story on!
P.S. Oh we got cable yesterday!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

As the wise say, Live= Learn

Dad taught me how to mow a couple of weeks ago, so today I thought I would mow the lawn. This is where the title comes into play:
Lessons Learned:
1. NEVER volunteer to mow without pay EVER EVER again!
2. Mowing is a good work out
3. Yard obstacles are hard- I guess hence the name- OBSTACLES
4. Grass stains EVERYTHING
5. I think mosquitos can smell if you've been bitten a hundred times and then get you again.
6. Holding a vibrating lawn mower for an hour really starts to hurt after a while!
7. I love my Dad A LOT, and I want him to finish his den already.
8. I get bored really easily- I'm already bored- I need to keep moving
I found the cutest peace bracelet ever today! I bought it. I rarely buy jewelry and when I do it is always bracelets. I love bracelets mostly because I hate the way wrists look. Not just mine, every one's, they're weird!
I'm off to the World wide web to search for my dream guitar(well, my secondary dream guitar, the one I'm in love with is $4K! Wow, I have good taste, but seeing as I would never make that much playing it, I'm off to search).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I JUST got the go ahead to take my retainer out! That means I perfect teeth! It may not seem important to you, but that also means I won't have a single glare in the middle of my ID photo for first time three years!(hence the OH MY GOD!)
My projection just got a whole lot better too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie Review-- The New harry Potter

Okay, so first, The NEW MOON trailer is all screwy! Bella isn't supposed to have a baby until the 4 book! Jake cut his HAIR! AH(BTW: He's still way hotter than Edward!)!

The movie....
Harry cut his hair too. It was all choppy, and unexplained- to the point if you didn't read the books, you weren't gonna get it! They also stopped in the middle of the book. Emma Watson isn't in it as much as she should be, well that's because she's a diva. She got a stalker(creepy, but JUST ONE), and she was sick of it after doing 6 years of Wizardry. They caught her in a contract, but she was awful in the second half-- her heart was not in it.
Snape killed Dumbledore(duh!). They don't explain why that's a good thing. Harry realizes he needs Hermione and Ron, movie ENDS.
I give it a 4. It's essential to the story line, but I'd wait to rent it.
The last book will be split into two movies.
If you haven't read at least the 6th book, forget it, you aren't going to get anything in the last three movies.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just one girl's opinion on today's world...

Okay, so many topics.
Why are Girl's shirts so long now? If they wanted to cover down to their knees, they'd buy dresses.
Why are guy's pants SO baggy! I don't care if you buy your underwear at Abercrombie and Fitch, I DON'T want to see it! Buy a BELT(I know, it's a new concept- it's long, goes into your pants and holds them ABOVE your but!)!
Why do people wear scarves in the middle of the HOTTEST day of the summer? I mean, if I found a really cute scarf, I'd probably never want to take it off ethier, but COME ON!
Why do people think it's okay to take all the short cuts when building a house?
Why does a phone company not have the parts and people it needs to install a connection, when they know new houses are coming?
Why do so many people think that just because we don't have a speed limit sign, that there isn't a speed limit?
Why do we need it?
How do people not throw themselves off cliffs just for fun?
Why is there NOTHING TO DO?
Why is there not a bus or something to take us to the movies?

Why am I bothering you?
Why are you still reading?
Thank you for listening to my ranting, Have a nice day, I hope you come back soon!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Songs

Summer means thinking. I think about all sorts of things. I've been writing songs. Lots of them. Their pretty cool, it keeps me busy, and gets weird things off my mind, like trying to fit it. Fit into what?! I'm sitting in my Dad's den writing a blog with my brother upstairs. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, maybe its just me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post #75!

I wish I had something cool to talk all about, but I have nothing. YAYA came over and we hung out as I talked her ear off.
I finished that horrible book for school and the project with it.
I got my very white-walled grandmother to pick colors for me to paint in her house.
I got a journal for crappy fragmented posts like this....
I had a Graduation party to go to, that was fun.
I get to be bored all next week! Yay. :(

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to the FUTURE!

Our house number is in the 1700s, so we keep joking we live in 17__ because we have had no phone, Internet, or cable for the last 7 weeks- no exaggeration. We are set now.
Reason for the Dilemma: Frontier didn't have the right parts to fix our connection. They are supposed to be a phone company.... shouldn't they have these parts?!
The DEF LEPPARD concert was AMAZING. Our lawn tickets were 100% better than our shell tickets! The money for the tickets was well worth it, even just for the people watching: a girl was 7 feet tall(NO JOKE!) and I have a binder that was thicker that her!
My cousins came up from North Carolina with pictures from a Taylor Swift concert- FRONT ROW! So jealous....
I am almost done with the most AWFUL mandatory school book EVER....
Transformers II is the Must See Movie of the Year!
Oh, I got my report card back... 97.9 Average!
There are so many movies I've seen whose reviews will not be written... Oh well.
I'm having a party in August and I made cute little 3x5 invitations that I screwed up on so I had to redo, and then today I got a letter with 1/2 the invitations back from the post office saying that they were too small to send through the mail. To be sent, they must be 3 AND 1/2 x5! Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Well, she did send the other ones....