Friday, May 8, 2009

Ah Friday!

This week has been stressful with the events currently affecting my school. Tonight is the beginning of a good weekend.
Tonight- Ghost Whisperer- Vampires! I think it'll be a little like Twilight in a way-Good. Tune into channel 8 at 8:00 if you wish(tonight). Maybe Bride Wars... if I can talk my mommy into it(if you're reading this- I love you Mommy!). EVERYONE is going to the theater tonight! All the new movies- Star Trek, Xmen....
Tomorrow- Junior Prom. Being a non-slutty freshman(un-like all the freshman girls that are going), I'm not going. Ah, but my EX BFF M. is going with one of her two boyfriends. A senior caught her making out with a senior and accidentally blew her in to her freshman boyfriend... he he he. She's going. I'm guessing the 'Anti-prom' is at the theater again.
Sunday- MOTHERS Day- (I love you Yaya- I'm sorry). I got my mom a REALLY cool gift and she's worried about WHEN I got it... hehehehe! Sorry for all the ellipses... I stayed after school today(YES ON A FRIDAY) to start my English benchmark that I missed while I was on Vacation so my grammar is SHOT!


  1. Ha, M turned into a slut huh?? You sure are smart in non-friending her before THAT happened. Oy. Love that you said you are a non-slutty freshman so you aren't going. So true.

  2. Yeah... not pretty. Thanks!