Friday, March 13, 2009

Crazy Hazy Lazy Days of School

Yes, I took the title from an episode of Gilmore Girls- season 1.It sounds much better how it's supposed to be- Crazy Hazy Lazy days of Summer. I felt as though it would fit all the stuff I am gonna right in a second.
I am LOVING this warmer weather!
Yesterday I went to Biology- my teacher's dad is dying so she has to go to Germany all next week:(. I went to P.E. and didn't have to swim(YAY!) because the Showboat teaser shortened all the classes. The teaser was really bad, the singing was very pitchy, all of the stuff they did was in the Audition packet. It mostly made me sad/mad that I didn't make it so I don't get to have the fun backstage. Next year's musical is Les Miserables. In Spanish the kids that always goof around were doing as they always do, and instead of dealing with it appropriately, she decided to stop the review games, the extra credit packets, and give everyone the cruel and unusual punishment of a mandatory write the whole vocab. list x3!
I took the Spanish test and got 102%! I took my English test and did really well(I don't now the exact grade). I took my AP World test and it was REALLY easy! I think I only missed one! Then I took my Algebra test and I think I did really well. Then we had a PEP RALLY! There was NO pep in the pep rally, the Cheerleaders had no idea what they were doing. The girl's indoor track had a GPA of 95.8(they had the highest)!
We are going to the movie theater tomorrow to see Race to Witch Mountain with Anna Sophia Rob and the ROCK!
Have a good weekend!


  1. Cool! Did you know today is Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Pi Day? (3/14 like 3.14, pi) ^_^ We celebrated at school today with pie. We just had a school play, too, ours was Aida. Oh, and I think Lazy Hazy Crazy Days was Gilmore Girls season 3. XD I love that one.

  2. Great job on your grades!
    Awesome about not having to swim. That would have saved me a nightmare.

    I LOVE Les Miserable! You need to start practicing NOW!

    Can't wait to see your movie review! The Rock=Hot! But not as cute as George Clooney.