Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day #2/Day #3

DAY #2
That was yesterday. I bought a snorkeling duck and Salt Water taffy. MMM... I love Salt Water taffy, but this taffy is a little less flavorful than, say, Michigan Salt Water Taffy. I am getting REALLY good at Euchre. We did some water color and I have a quote for that "Sometimes, while painting, the napkin you use to soak up the water looks better than the picture." I am sure that's my personal quote because I've never heard it anywhere else. We watched Marley and Me, I cried. That's it, so I'm going to put Day #3 in so it's not so short!
DAY #3
Today, we went to TimBuck II today, again, and found Go Karts, I lost, almost got lapped I was so behind. I blame the short track, my brakes didn't work, and the guy shut us down early because we kept bumping into each other. We had burgers for lunch with REALLY good bacon! Mmm.... I am using way too many mms I really want some M&Ms. Half the females in the house(Family vacation-20 people) are going to the spa tomorrow. For $45 for pedicure, I'll stay home, or buy really cool color-changing nail polish.

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  1. I think you just wanted to incorporate the word bacon in your post! Lol!