Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to the FUTURE!

Our house number is in the 1700s, so we keep joking we live in 17__ because we have had no phone, Internet, or cable for the last 7 weeks- no exaggeration. We are set now.
Reason for the Dilemma: Frontier didn't have the right parts to fix our connection. They are supposed to be a phone company.... shouldn't they have these parts?!
The DEF LEPPARD concert was AMAZING. Our lawn tickets were 100% better than our shell tickets! The money for the tickets was well worth it, even just for the people watching: a girl was 7 feet tall(NO JOKE!) and I have a binder that was thicker that her!
My cousins came up from North Carolina with pictures from a Taylor Swift concert- FRONT ROW! So jealous....
I am almost done with the most AWFUL mandatory school book EVER....
Transformers II is the Must See Movie of the Year!
Oh, I got my report card back... 97.9 Average!
There are so many movies I've seen whose reviews will not be written... Oh well.
I'm having a party in August and I made cute little 3x5 invitations that I screwed up on so I had to redo, and then today I got a letter with 1/2 the invitations back from the post office saying that they were too small to send through the mail. To be sent, they must be 3 AND 1/2 x5! Are you KIDDING ME?!?! Well, she did send the other ones....


  1. Too small? That's weird.

    What book did you read? I always liked our summer reading books in HS, but still, the concept of having to read during summer sucked.

    Glad to see you posting! I miss you guys! I'm planning on coming over this weekend to check out the house if you guys are around. I don't have anything going on and Josh is out of town.

  2. You sent index cards through the mail? Like post cards?

    Didn't see Transformers. Don't think it's my thing. I saw the Proposal, and I thought Ryan Reynolds was hilarious.

  3. No, the invitations were that size.
    Gasp! Don't like Transformers? ARE YOU CRAZY!? Jk.
    My computer is freaking out for the moment-my signature looks different.