Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today... mixed emotions.
Some bee-otch(NOT in a loving way) decided it would be a good idea to mess with me. Did I mention the bitch is 12?!? She meddled into a conversation I was having with a kid that hates her but she likes him. I sit next to my 12 year old brother everyday because I don't want to sit next to the dirt bags that ride our bus and I don't want him to either. I looked at the boy because he was being loud for 30 seconds! He said I was STARING at him and eavesdropping, then he told me that I have no friends. Believe it or not, I expect a LOT from my friends, so I only have 5 close friends. This hit me close to home, so I said "I'd rather have "no friends" then to have THAT for a friend.(I pointed to the BITCHY girl who I have had problems with before.)" She called me a bitch, incest, stupid, ugly, etc. I called her a cunt. I have never EVER used this word before, but she just blew it off with the unintelligent word- Whatever. An acquaintance tried to stick up for me, bad ass that the bitch was trying to be didn't do anything. It was pretty much left there.
I went on with my day believing that it still could be the best day ever(me and my optimism). It was fantastic and really easy. Then I got back on the bus....
I took my seat with my brother and immediately heard her talking about how she was going to hit me in the head or pull my hair WITHIN MY EARSHOT!!!! I asked my brother to trade places(Me on the inside, him on the outside), and the amazing brother that he is just moved with out asking why. The bus came to a halt at her stop and someone said that I had called her a cunt(probably a friend of hers). EVERYONE from that stop, and I made absolutely sure that no one heard me call her that, agreed that it was me that called her that. They were ALL on her side- home side advantage I guess. The bus diver stood up for me, she gave me her last name and said go ahead. I am going to sue her if she even touches me. Done. DONE! DONE!!!! I am DONE WITH THE BITCH!


  1. Uggg..that's annoying. Yuck Yuck Yuck to stupid girls. I'm sorry this hapened to you. Blah.
    Will you be on the same bus when you move?

  2. kids can be so cruel...i always tell my girls...if I ever find out you are being one of "those" will be in so much trouble. Just keep being the better person sweetie!! Being a kid can be so hard sometimes!

  3. Yaya: Thanks for your support. no. Thank god.
    Angi: good Idea, that makes you a better mom than half the parents that send their kids to my school!