Saturday, December 12, 2009

She has done it again!

Every year, to celebrate her birthday(Dec. 13), turning 20 this year, and the new year, Taylor gets a haircut with bangs. This year, it's different. She was spotted yesterday with her hair a shade lighter and straight. She swore she would never straighten her hair again because she had done so everyday of her 2 year High School career. I don't know. I was shocked. She looks like Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully this straight hair kick isn't permanent! I just can't get used to it!
Love love love,


  1. Hi Ranny! I totally agree about Taylor. She was so pretty before, but to me, she now looks like "she doesn't have a hair dresser anymore,and doesn't want to spend time fixing it. Although if she has to straighten it on purpose, it seems like wasted time to me. My hair is long, and straight as a board, and I would do anything to have curl. It won't hold a perm or set. I usually just pull it back in a pony tail and go. With hair like hers it a shame to mess it up by bleaching and straightening.

    Love ya,

    I never did find out how you did, or who won that singing contest. I hope you did well.

  2. Whoa, she looks SO different!
    I too like it curly better.