Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bucket list

Well, my mom has a list, and so does my fabulous cousin Yaya. It's my turn. This idea originated from the movie, but with a shorter period of time and far less morbid. My list will be for things I want to do/see before I start college, in no particular order.
1. Ride a train
2. See a Broadway play
3. Actually learn a song on my guitar
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Ride in a hot-air balloon
6. Go to Hollywood
7. Write/finish a book
8. Find a cool club that would be worth the 2 1/2 hour ride home.
If I find more stuff I want to add, I will post them. I haven't done any of the things in this list.


  1. Those are some great things! I definitely wanna swim w/ dolphins and ride a hot air balloon...although knowing me I'd chicken out of both if I had the chance.

    Oh, and I've heard trains are really dirty.

  2. Thanks. Me too. We actually had a chance to ride on a hot air balloon once, or maybe it was a helicopter.... I can't remember.

    Well, I think I'll pass on that one then.