Monday, May 4, 2009

Little 'bout Me

Sounds like a country song... I just thought you should know a little bit more about me.

Full Name: Rayanna
Family: Mom+Dad, brother, 1 dog 2 cats.
Favorite drink: Diet Pepsi
Favorite breakfast: cold Pizza Hut Pizza
Favorite dinner: hot Pizza Hut Pizza
Favorite sit down restaurant: Chili's!
Favorite Fast food restaurant: Burger King
Past times: Drawing, painting, doodling, writing, reading, watching TV.
Couldn't live without my: family/friends network.
Thing most teens use but I don't: my ipod(that much...), tracfone
Pet peeve: texting in class, being a jerk, posers.
Favorite music:Country!
Favorite Artists: Taylor Swift, De Vinci
Favorite candy: M&Ms
School classes: Spanish II, AP world history, English 9, Algebra 9, Living Environment Honors.
I'm totally scared of: MOTHS! AHH! SCARY!
Some thing I could change about my self: taller, just a couple of inches, I'm not asking for Magic Johnson here people!
Something I wish I could do: artwork like my mom.
Favorite state I've been to: Massachusetts: Berkshires
Favorite thing to do: journaling
Summer: travel
Spring:campfires(well, s'mores in the backyard)
Winter: need warmth
Fall: PARTY!(Birthday)
Something you would not know about me: I'm a klutz. Example: I have instant karma, and I broke my arm snowboarding on a sled at age 7.
~Me in a nutshell-Rayanna~


  1. Love it-although you're already tall enough!!! And I didn't know you liked Chili's! we should go there sometime! I miss you!

  2. NO! Yeah! Sure! I miss you too! So much drama lately....