Thursday, March 26, 2009


Three day weekend, thank you Super Intendent!
Hum... What shall I do?
Today is shot, I had Micky D's, we went to the drug store and I got some awesome peach lip gloss. Oh in English I had to write a 7 line rhyming poem. I wrote about colors. Here it is:
Tomorrow, Friday. I should finish my AP:world journal entry that was assigned 3 weeks ago but isn't due, I should work on my cords so I can finally finish "Love Story." I should try to do some laundry. I will probably watch NCIS/Disney Channel/CSI/House/Old recordings for a few hours.
Saturday, Mom has to work.
Sunday, I am taking my BFF, A. to the MONSTERS VERSUS ALIENS movie. She couldn't make it last weekend. It should be REALLY funny!
Monday, Back to school (;~D).
Oh yeah we got Def Lepard/Cheap Trick/Poison tickets for the first day of summer! WHOO HOO!!
Random thought of the day: Why do we spell Katchup so many different ways? Catsup, Katsup, etc.?
P.S. Why do sooo many people HATE Taylor Swift?!?! I can't talk to ANYBODY about her! She rocks!


  1. Yes, what is up w/ the different spelling of ketchup??

    Lucky! You had a 3 day weekend? So did Shea.

    Have a fun weekend!

  2. Idk!
    Yeah. I'm spending Saturday night on my AP summary homework.
    Oh I am...ish.