Saturday, January 24, 2009

Midterm Over Load

This past week hasn't been completely boring, it was actually kind of fun, well at least until yesterday....
Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- I went and helped Alicia with the kiddos at this amazingly fun giant warehouse of bounce houses. Technically, I was too old for it, but I didn't care, I took the kiddos on the gigantic slide within the "referees" view and they didn't mind. Tons of fun! Thanks Yaya! Oh, and I also gave the letters to her for one of the kids she works with. They were awesome.
Tuesday- I had school. Yay... I guess. We worked on reviews in all of my classes. Little homework though. English Midterm started.
Wednesday- School again, more reviews and an English test, again. It hit me that the reviews we were doing were for the midterms we would be taking tomorrow....
Thursday-More school, Reviews/tests. I had my English test, Spanish, and AP world tests today. When I was taking my AP exam, writing an essay, we had to write about similarities and differences between the cultural diffusion of Buddhism and Christianity. I would understand the religions, but the cultural diffusion of them? This caused me so much stress that I was shaking because this was the only thing I didn't study... It wasn't gonna be flat out in our notes.... Good thing I had another day to study....
Friday- Last day of the week. I only went for the tests. I had English, Spanish, AP world and Algebra. English all week was on Grammar, and don't worry, I did alright, despite all the fragments of this post. Spanish was just too easy! I have a 99 in that class, and that's pretty scary that my English(first language) grade is lower than that. AP world went a lot smoother. All my tests would have been better if I hadn't played Wii on Thursday- my arm still hurts! Ghost Whisperer was still disappointing, Melinda still hasn't told Sam/Jim that he's Jim, but it did have a surprise ending, which I predicted.
Today- I have no idea what I am doing to day. My mom is at work, and I am about to go wake up my dad.
Tomorrow- I still have no idea.
Monday- I have a Biology unit test- the DAY BEFORE the midterm!
Tuesday- We have "Regents Week" at my school and you don't go to school if you don't have a test. I have my Biology unit test in the morning- I get to go home at 11:00. A three hour test... 100 questions... fun.
Wednesday- I'm off from school. I'll probably finally finish Eclipse. It was boring me, so I set it down for a month... I still hate Stephenie Meyer's grammar. I told my English teacher about it, and she never even noticed it... weird. Speaking of eclipses- I making a lot of them in this post!
Thursday- I'm off from school. My brother has to go all week. Poor Buddy. I might go help someone at work today.
Friday-I'm off from school, again. I'll be anxiously awaiting Ghost Whisperer(My LIFE on Friday nights). I think this is gonna be the last season, the episodes are getting worse and worse.
I think this maybe the longest post ever. You can come back and read up on this throughout the week. You don't have to read it all now, but if you're reading this, you probably already have!


  1. Whoa sorry you had so many tests, but lucky you get to miss school for a few days. I was okay reading Eclipse I didn't get so bored on that one. I'm trying to get through Breaking Dawn. I have a little less than 200 pages left, but I got bored with it. My sister already told me waht happens anyway.

  2. Yeah. I don't know, I already know what happens in the 4th too. My whole school is obsessed. I am not really interested in it that much. There are some girls that live by the series like it's the bible or something! It's pretty ridiculous!

  3. Haha, yes, I read it all silly!

    I wish the books haven't been going downhill since Twilight.