Friday, July 24, 2009

As the wise say, Live= Learn

Dad taught me how to mow a couple of weeks ago, so today I thought I would mow the lawn. This is where the title comes into play:
Lessons Learned:
1. NEVER volunteer to mow without pay EVER EVER again!
2. Mowing is a good work out
3. Yard obstacles are hard- I guess hence the name- OBSTACLES
4. Grass stains EVERYTHING
5. I think mosquitos can smell if you've been bitten a hundred times and then get you again.
6. Holding a vibrating lawn mower for an hour really starts to hurt after a while!
7. I love my Dad A LOT, and I want him to finish his den already.
8. I get bored really easily- I'm already bored- I need to keep moving
I found the cutest peace bracelet ever today! I bought it. I rarely buy jewelry and when I do it is always bracelets. I love bracelets mostly because I hate the way wrists look. Not just mine, every one's, they're weird!
I'm off to the World wide web to search for my dream guitar(well, my secondary dream guitar, the one I'm in love with is $4K! Wow, I have good taste, but seeing as I would never make that much playing it, I'm off to search).


  1. Where did you buy the bracelet?

    See you changed the background, needed a change, huh?

    Yes, mowing the lawn is hard work. I hate it. It is a good workout, but it always leaves my back aching.

  2. Ok, since you're never on gmail anymore I'm writing this here-are you gonna be around tomorrow? I got those letters and can drop them off middle of the day?

  3. A new store in the mall- Francesca's- very hippie-chic.
    Yeah, Well, I was trying to make my guitar my background, but I don't have a photobucket account.
    I check it everyday! Yes