Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aunt Lee

Yes, when I write a person's name in the Title, they are very important to me.
My Aunt Lee is awesome. She lives in Germany and her birthday is coming up!

--Aunt Lee-- I love you, so I am giving you a warning before you read the family blog, read it, it's good, but you've been warned. Hi Ben! You rock! Can't wait to see you guys around December! Rock on Aunt Lee... hahaha. Get it? You're a geologist... hahaha! Of course you get it, you're smart like that! Okay, now I'm losing it!

Love ya,


  1. Happy Birthday to Aunt Lee!

  2. Hey Ranny! I was just reading through your blog. If you are intereted, I spent a year in West Berlin, Germany, Oh! excuse me, now I think its just "Berlin". When I was there the Berlin Wall was still up. I have some pictures of the "Third Reich" (Hitler's Head Quarters) the Berlin Wall, with Crosses where people who tried to climb over fell when they got shot, the "Air Lift" with President Carter standing there and more. If you would like I'll see if I can figure out a way to copy and send them to you. I loved Germany while I was over there. I really didn't want to come home, but it was too expensive to live on the "economy" (without the Military housing, or commissary) for me alone and I was separating from my husband at the time. I sure didn't want to come home though. I wonder how much it has changed in 32 years! (Other than the Wall coming down).