Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After posting almost everyday, I have blog ideas ALL THE TIME now!! I'm going to put them below.
Today: I got 19 points in archery! It was backwards scoring, so forward scoring would be 53!!! My dad's first volley ball game of the season is tonight! As much as I would really love to go, I'm more of a painting girl tonight with Mommy at the new house.
Yesterday: Piper(my cat) escaped- I don't know for how long, but we found her 30 feet from our house at 11:00. She's fine. She's NOT an outdoor cat.... When she was little, she got outside and hid under the car tire-Mom found her- she was fine then too. Our neighbors, whose house they started after ours, moved in. We haven't even closed yet!
I had a really weird dream a couple of nights ago. The Geico cave man came out of the woods behind my new house and I was living there. He was wearing a yellow rain coat, boots, hat, and the UMBRELLA! He held up a gun and shot--just the air. He ran over to the neighbors and shot them all :(. He came back the next day, when there were cops there taking care of the case and caught him.... Weird... I wonder what it means.
CTS:Chronic Texting Syndrome.
I created it. It PERFECTLY describes my school. There are girls that will hold it next to their hip and text, just under their desks, in their bags, in their BOOTS! ANYTHING they can do, just to read the few words on a tiny screen written by the person they'll see in 15-30 minutes. We have two spots that you're allowed to text, during school hours- the cafeteria and the front door. I am not afflicted... mostly because the only people I ever text are my cousin and my dad.
I have NO homework tonight!!! Woo HOO!
I had other ideas but now I can't remember.


  1. Yes, what is with teenagers and their texting obsession??

    I cannot believe your neighbors moved in already.

  2. Wow, that would scare me to dream about the Geico caveman shooting people...

    I know, it annoys me how kids text so much. We're moving to a new school next year and they told us the building is made with some material in the walls that blocks cell phone signals so no one can text inside. A lot of people are mad. It's really funny.

  3. Idk. Ttyl! LOL! Hahahahah!
    WE just closed!!
    I know!
    yep. A LOT of schools up here do!