Thursday, April 2, 2009


A large chunk of the freshman class was gone today on an out-of-state trip. Yesterday was full of excitement and was go go go all day long. Today was the same, but completely different. It was exciting, but quite, too quite, dead silent. No one really taught us anything, most of the students were gone. In AP, we just finished an essay, now we are finally touching the Mongols! It's not much, but it does tell you all that's happening in my world right now! I was going to make this post into a poem so it could fit in with my latest phase, but my eyes are tired and I should go play my guitar....


  1. How come you didn't go on the trip? Where was it to?

  2. "Now we are finally touching the mongols!" XD I like how you worded that.

  3. We were supposed to be moving/settling. Virginia beach. Well, I honestly don't get how AP:World history and Global studies could be so far apart! Global studies did the Mongol Empire back in October!