Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally Almost Done!

I've had a project and quite a bit of homework. Spring break is coming up (Whoo Hoo, a WHOLE WEEK of boredom!!!) I have two more days to get all the work I need to go on Vacation! I am done making up gym classes. I am done with all the math homework- I would be missing 5 homework sheets, being gone, but to catch me up, my teacher got rid of the 3 for the rest of the week and gave me three instead of the 8. I take the MAJOR Test on Thursday while the other kids take the major QUIZ, my test will count twice. I love my Math teacher! I have to go get my topic for my AP project... fun, the day after I complete the project that is due that day. I have to meet her in the ISS room and she, knowing that I am a good student, attempted to give me directions to the room near the math hall way. She went on and on today... "I'll meet you in the deep cave of ISS," and "I'll see you in ISS(scary accent)," were her favorites. It's really not a big deal, she'll be there teaching/watching them like a hawk. She's the kind of teacher that you love and will miss next year, but you could so tell that she would snap a ruler at you if you were messing around in class.... That's why she's my favorite :~). I had my scheduling appt. for Sophomore year and I asked for my Spanish teacher again for Spanish III. I had an audition for Mixed Choir yesterday, if I remember then I will post if I make it. My Spanish and English class are giving me a packet to do while I'm out. I'll probably do all of this work on Friday and have nothing to do for a week until we go.


  1. Geez that's a lot of work!
    Good luck w/ mixed choir!

  2. Good math teachers seem rare. I think math is a hard class to teach because people understand things different ways. I've had a lot of math teachers with personality disorders. You're lucky you have a good one!

  3. Yeah. Thanks.
    Totally! I think so too! That is really typical.