Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sometimes, it is just good to know they know your name.

I can't even express how much I am grateful for your votes. I am confident that you all know those moments in the shows that a boy doesn't even know a girl who is in 4 of his classes.
I've known this kid since the fifth grade. I DO NOT like him, but he didn't remember me when we have the same Lunch, English, Health, and AP World. Crazy.

I met some new kids at a party my awesome neighbor Justin had. They remembered my name-- I brought cupcakes and cookies. I brought enough for 100, there was 11 kids that showed up.... sugar.

I haven't spoken to any of my insane neighbors in while. Life is good. Oh, the latest drama, they blamed me for a fight I only witnessed. I have been to the main office 5 times in my whole life, NONE of which were my fault. People can be really mean.

I am getting to know more kids at school. I haven't found a new best friend.... I found an old one, a JR. that helped me with some tips on the AP exam in May. I'm already freaking out about that. We spent 7th grade Track running with him. Good times....

Love love love,


  1. Glad you are breaking out and meeting new people. You are an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to have you as their friend. We HAVE to get together to do something for our birthdays once I'm done being sick....yuck.

  2. There's a type of "award" on my blog for you. ;)