Thursday, April 30, 2009


I miss my guitar. I haven't played it in days! I have had so many things to make up and do to stay with the rest of the class. It isn't tiring, no, it's more like a brain workout.
Yesterday, I spent 5 hours on homework. Rewrite for English, 3X over(my Spanish II classmates were talk talk talking again= whole vocab list X3- hand written), Spanish Project, Spanish Activities 8, 9, 10, Study for Living Environment tests, AP: 15 note cards, 6 note cards.
I was listening to my Ipod on the way to school today and there were ALL my favorite songs(Taylor Swift) in a row, then then a slow, sad song came on, I was like Ugg. SKIP!
I am so bored, I want to play my guitar, I am ALMOST done with my first 3 minute(a little over) song and I want to finish it!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

OBX Overall

The Outerbanks was great, despite the ONE trash can and the THREE clocks on the 3rd floor ONLY! My nail polish is so cool! I love it! Everyone thought I came back from Europe... I WISH!! I'm practically all caught up with everything! I'll probably be a little skimpy on the blogging this week, I have a HUGE project for AP:World, it's practically 1/2 of my grade! It is SOO hot today!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day #5- Pirates

Today I helped with a bouquet and boutonnieres, my cousin Erica got married today. Their Reverend looked EXACTLY like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was really weird, red tie, black leather coat, pinstripe pants, pirate-like shoes. Oh well. Seagulls flew over them as the kissed, it was so cool. Today is the last day we have to do actual stuff, we leave tomorrow. I miss my baby Piper.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day #4

Stuff I left out of Wednesday's post: we went to DQ, yum, Midnight Truffle! We also climbed up and down the 214 steps of the Currituck Lighthouse.
Today is day 4. We stayed at the house mostly today. We went to Sonic and the Kitty Hawk strip of little 'Ma&Pa' stores. I bought my nail polish from Del Sol- it's peach and in the sun it's red. Really cool! Oh, I also bought more Taffy- I was running out of good flavors, the new stuff is REALLY sticky. I think the best thing about here, other than the beach is the names of the houses, for example:
Aquaduck(blue house)
Duck a la orange(Orange house)
Duck duck Goose
M&Ms(trade marked logo and everything)
Island Paradise(Redundant!)
Corolla: Where we are staying. The locals pronounce it like Ku-rah-luh. I found a really cool sticker the looked like a dictionary definition:
1. A small drinking town with a slight fishing problem.
I thought that was cute.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day #2/Day #3

DAY #2
That was yesterday. I bought a snorkeling duck and Salt Water taffy. MMM... I love Salt Water taffy, but this taffy is a little less flavorful than, say, Michigan Salt Water Taffy. I am getting REALLY good at Euchre. We did some water color and I have a quote for that "Sometimes, while painting, the napkin you use to soak up the water looks better than the picture." I am sure that's my personal quote because I've never heard it anywhere else. We watched Marley and Me, I cried. That's it, so I'm going to put Day #3 in so it's not so short!
DAY #3
Today, we went to TimBuck II today, again, and found Go Karts, I lost, almost got lapped I was so behind. I blame the short track, my brakes didn't work, and the guy shut us down early because we kept bumping into each other. We had burgers for lunch with REALLY good bacon! Mmm.... I am using way too many mms I really want some M&Ms. Half the females in the house(Family vacation-20 people) are going to the spa tomorrow. For $45 for pedicure, I'll stay home, or buy really cool color-changing nail polish.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day #1

Day one was boring, just driving and driving and driving. We stopped at McDonalds, Wendy's and Pizzazz Pizzaria for Dinner. We arrived at 7:00 last night. We are now in North Carolina. Sorry this post is so short, but we are now in the presence of BLUE BELL ice cream and Drive-up Sonic resturants! The plan for today is SHOPPING. The rest of the week will hold more Shopping, hot tubbing, Sonic, Bluebell, the Spa, the pool, and the Ocean!

Friday, April 17, 2009


We leave tonight, well, tomorrow at 4 a.m. Traveling on our vacations is very important to our family. We've been to so many places....
My favorite vacations:
1. Berkshires
2. Outer Banks
3. Downtown(if our hometown counts!)
4. Illinois-St. Louis
Not so relaxing:
1. Cedar Point
2. Universal Studios
3. Vegas
4. Disney World
5. San Antonio(Haven't been since I was 4! Can't really remember!)
I think that's all of them!
Stay tuned for daily updates on the vacation to the Outer Banks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Have to Start Somewhere

Whenever I watch too much TV(like this week), I want to write so badly about something that a lot of people would like(like now), and yet, I have NO ideas. To hopefully inspire me, here's a free-verse poem(no rhyming, essentially boring, but still considered a poem) to tell you my dilemma.
What to Write?
What to write? What to write?
Science Fiction will too soon be no longer be Fiction, just a disappointment,
Fairy Tales almost never come true,
Plays are too hard to get people to read,
Non-Fiction is boring,
Musicals require too much creativity,
Ballads are usually corny,
Poems are too short,
Essays are too long,
I guess I'll go write another blog post about it.
-Original poem by Rayanna
-Inspiration: Shel Silverstein

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saturn Commercial

This is the funniest commercial on television sets everywhere. With the Recession, many car companies are offering to take the car back if you lose your job and cannot pay for it, so this bug-eyed black guy(NOT racist, just his description) sits on a stool stating the following(with some paraphrasing):
"So now car companies are offering to take your car back if you lose your job. I think that sounds like the worst day ever. Hi Honey, I'm home, lost my job, don't have a car, what's for dinner?"
It is hilarious because that's exactly what I thought when I first heard these commercials, and the end of the last sentence is cheerful while the rest of it is mumbling! I'd post the rest, but I can't remember it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A little Repetitive, but Happy Easter!

We opened our really cool aquatic Easter eggs. Mom and Dad are still sleeping on this somewhat chilly Sunday morning. We have a family party to go to today. I got a really cool watercolor set for the Outer banks. There really is much to say, three weeks(supposedly) until we move, slooooowwwwwlllllyyyyyyyyy packing up stuff. Buddy's room is cleaner than it ever has been, we sold his bookshelf on CRAIGSLIST. It's nice, it's cleaner than mine! Have a good day.
RANDOM THOUGHT: Why does Cotton Candy taste so good, but it smells like Port-a-Potties? Eww.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I found some pictures for Easter that I thought were funny because it goes with our house. During my tests today everyone kept talk talk talking! It was so annoying! Here comes my week off. Whoo hoo. I've already made up over half of my work. Today, I took my Test while everyone else took their Quizzes in math. She didn't know if it would be enough time because classes will be shortened when everyone takes the test. Now, I work slower than most in math, but it took me from as soon as I got into the room until the end of the announcements. It definitely won't be enough time for them. I think I did really well! We'll see.... Two weeks, no school, all boredom. Any ideas about how to be not so bored? Please leave them in the Comments! Thanks!
Click on the word house above to learn about our house if you can't see the hyperlink line. I couldn't so I here's the note!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally Almost Done!

I've had a project and quite a bit of homework. Spring break is coming up (Whoo Hoo, a WHOLE WEEK of boredom!!!) I have two more days to get all the work I need to go on Vacation! I am done making up gym classes. I am done with all the math homework- I would be missing 5 homework sheets, being gone, but to catch me up, my teacher got rid of the 3 for the rest of the week and gave me three instead of the 8. I take the MAJOR Test on Thursday while the other kids take the major QUIZ, my test will count twice. I love my Math teacher! I have to go get my topic for my AP project... fun, the day after I complete the project that is due that day. I have to meet her in the ISS room and she, knowing that I am a good student, attempted to give me directions to the room near the math hall way. She went on and on today... "I'll meet you in the deep cave of ISS," and "I'll see you in ISS(scary accent)," were her favorites. It's really not a big deal, she'll be there teaching/watching them like a hawk. She's the kind of teacher that you love and will miss next year, but you could so tell that she would snap a ruler at you if you were messing around in class.... That's why she's my favorite :~). I had my scheduling appt. for Sophomore year and I asked for my Spanish teacher again for Spanish III. I had an audition for Mixed Choir yesterday, if I remember then I will post if I make it. My Spanish and English class are giving me a packet to do while I'm out. I'll probably do all of this work on Friday and have nothing to do for a week until we go.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wow, it's true, I am so blonde!

Okay, so nothing much has been going on here, so I looked through the TV guide. We 100s of channels so I was looking up in the 500s and I saw Drag Racing. Now I have been to a few carnivals in my time and I knew that it was basically a bunch of guys on horses racing around a track. But being tired and all, all I could picture was a bunch of Drag Queens racing around a shoe store! I am well rested now and I shouldn't have anymore weird thoughts like that for a while.
April Overview:
The class is coming back for their trip for this week.
We have Friday off, Good Friday, what Friday off is not good?!
On the 18th we leave for a trip to the Outerbanks!! I have to make up a lot of work because of it :~(...
We are supposed to be closing on the house near the end of April....

Thursday, April 2, 2009


A large chunk of the freshman class was gone today on an out-of-state trip. Yesterday was full of excitement and was go go go all day long. Today was the same, but completely different. It was exciting, but quite, too quite, dead silent. No one really taught us anything, most of the students were gone. In AP, we just finished an essay, now we are finally touching the Mongols! It's not much, but it does tell you all that's happening in my world right now! I was going to make this post into a poem so it could fit in with my latest phase, but my eyes are tired and I should go play my guitar....