Friday, January 2, 2009

Busy... With Nothing To Do.

I have been reading the Twilight series, and it is just enough to keep me reading, making me busy, but I'm really not busy. I love the plot I do, but Stephenie Meyer DOES NOT know how to use end quotation marks. Well, maybe that's a little unfair, she uses probably about 5 end quotations in the whole series. She starts to write what a character is saying, and then if they keep talking, she writes a beginning quotation at the beginning of every paragraph! She never uses end quotations, which is exactly why I think she writes like a 6th grader instead of the English major, NYU graduate she is. It is perfectly understandable that she misses a few, with editing, or mistakes, but the WHOLE SERIES?!?! The only reason I am reading these books is because of the plot, she is a good writer, but I am a freshman, and at my school, they are going over proper nouns, commas, impersonal verbs, etc. like we are in KINDERGARTEN! Her writing urks me....


  1. You are so funny! Did you finish the third one the same day you started it? Looked like it at the rate you were going!

  2. Do you have to use end quotation marks at the end of paragraphs when the character keeps talking? I thought only on the last one, but I don't know. I love Twilight, but Stephanie Meyer says "she cringed," "he grimaced" all the time...everybody's cringing, grimacing, and glaring. She also says chagrin and incredulous a lot. I kind of ignore it since it's in first person and she's supposed to be talking like Bella anyway, but yeah, hard to believe she's an English major sometimes.

  3. Yaya: No, only half of it!
    Juliana: YES! Don't ask your English teacher! She will kill you if she is anything like my middle school teachers! LOL!