Thursday, January 8, 2009


Now the next movie review was not tainted with my beliefs at all, mostly because I didn't watch them on the same day. I usually rate out of 5, but this(reguarding my same scale)gets a 10! Mama Mia! is a movie about a young girl who wants to find her father so he can give her away at her wedding. Now the amount of music, and the way they go into it, you would think that the mother, her daughter, the extra town people and all the people on the island only listened to ABBA and made it part of their language! This is the BEST movie I have ever seen. Well, not as AMAZING as Twilight was, but it is in a completely different subject. This movie contains the biggest hits originally by ABBA and nothing but. Now I know why my dad wanted to see it so bad! It contains hits like Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Honey, Honey, Mama Mia!, Take a Chance on Me, and MUCH more! I didn't even know who they were before I saw this, and now I am jamming out to them! GO ABBA, Go MAMA MIA!


  1. Ohh yay! I wanna see it! :)

    I saw the broadway play of it and it was amazing, so I bet the movie is great too. I love the actresses they cast in this!

  2. I saw the musical in Las Vegas and Milwaukee ... still wish I could see it on Broadway. I loved loved loved the musical. The movie was even better.

  3. I LOVE MAMMA MIA! My government teacher is obsessed with this movie--she sings the songs in class all the time. I've seen this like 6 times now. It didn't win a Golden Globe last night, though. I was a little bitter about that. It lost to Vicky Christina Barcelona. It's really funny to watch The Devil Wears Prada where Merryl Streep is all serious and then watch this where she's jumping up and down on the bed to "Dancing Queen." XD