Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another December Movie Review

Now Hellboy II is not in the theaters, but we got it from Movies On Demand.
It was full of action, but the special effects were horrible, they worse than the mini movies my brother and I make! When a character is killed, it looks like they got cherry kool-aid poured on them instead of blood. It was horrible. It's about a set of twins that cause trouble, and everything that happens to one happens to the other, leaving the ending quite predictable. I rate this movie a 1 star out of 5, which is the lowest rating ever given in my movie rating ever, except for GET SMART. It's (Hellboy II)got awesome action, but the horrible special effects cancel it out! It's rated PG-13, and is 120 minutes long.


  1. Yeah, I'll pass on seeing this one!

    Finally saw one you recommended awhile ago=I Am Legend.
    Will Smith's acting continues to amaze me. Couldn't keep my eyes of the movie-except when I was looking through my fingers during the scary part. Then I took a nap and had REALLY freaky dreams related to the events in I Am Legend. Did you warn me I'd have nightmares! Please rate the nightmare factor next time! Lol!

  2. Hi! My name's Juliana. I like your blog, you talk a little like I do. I think we're about the same age, so that might have something to do with it... =] That movie looked creepy. I typically avoid bloody violent stuff.

  3. Nightmare factor- 1.:~P Hi Juliana!