Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Movie Review

With 5- 8 new movies that came out (depending on theater) on Christmas day, it is nearly impossible not to go to the theaters soon!
Although nothing like
Twilight, Bedtime Stories by Disney rated a 4.5 rank. This story is about an uncle who must take care of his niece and nephew, whom he hadn't seen in 4 years, for a whole week. This is difficult for him because they don't live a "normal" life style. The only way he knows to connect with them is to make up bedtime stories with them, and it is true that everything the kids say comes true, down to the mispronunciations the 6 year old makes. As that causes trouble for him, the uncle manipulates the kids to manipulate his life to make it easier for him, the kids tend to take it to a different direction. I encourage you to see this 99 minute, PG rated movie the next time you need to see a Disney movie, and even though Disney movies can be quite predictable, this is not.



  1. The previews for this look super cute! I think I'll wait until it gets to the dollar theater in town.

  2. I love disney ~ I'll sure check 'em out :)

  3. I like Adam Sandler. But, I will probably wait until it is OnDemand.

  4. It's in West Wayne theater- that's were we went. It's pretty cheap!