Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life is good.

Life is good. Today is sunny and looks warm. It's not. This is late February in Upstate New York. My homework is basic and boring. My classes are too easy. My extended family has messed up and our vacation is scheduled for the week after my spring break. I am being forced to go! I don't want to miss school and I could stay with my Grandma. Nope. I have to go. Oh the torture(she types sarcastically)! Nothing worth sharing is happening right now in my life. Well, I made a kool-aid pouch lunch bag. That's it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Online Journal

Now no, it hasn't taken me this long to realize that a blog is an online journal. I have known this for as long as I have blogged. However, it has occurred to me, after adding labels to every post(26 in counting), that I have put a lot of my personal daily events here. I enjoy hearing what others feel about my opinions and reviews and other things, that's why I started my own blog(and I got kicked off of my dad's...). It really is a record of my day to day- or more accurately week to week life. I hope you continue to enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am home this week. Thank you Presidents week(she types sarcastically). I am so bored. I have done so many things to stop the flow of boredom letting me think and worry about things from my past that no longer matter- why I didn't make SHOWBOAT, our high school musical, why I called that girl a cunt, why I hate the pain that needles give to me- my pain intolerance to begin with, etc. I have made a Kool-aid pouch purse, I am not quite done with that, friendship bracelets(I don't have friends that would wear them...), I cleaned the house, and I am getting blood drawn tomorrow. I have even watched the local, and national news stations. Haleigh? Are you kidding me? ANOTHER Casey Anthony Story? DID ANYONE LEARN?! Obama's $800 BILLION stimulus plan! ARE YOU KIDDING?!?! Thankfully they are almost done with our house....

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today... mixed emotions.
Some bee-otch(NOT in a loving way) decided it would be a good idea to mess with me. Did I mention the bitch is 12?!? She meddled into a conversation I was having with a kid that hates her but she likes him. I sit next to my 12 year old brother everyday because I don't want to sit next to the dirt bags that ride our bus and I don't want him to either. I looked at the boy because he was being loud for 30 seconds! He said I was STARING at him and eavesdropping, then he told me that I have no friends. Believe it or not, I expect a LOT from my friends, so I only have 5 close friends. This hit me close to home, so I said "I'd rather have "no friends" then to have THAT for a friend.(I pointed to the BITCHY girl who I have had problems with before.)" She called me a bitch, incest, stupid, ugly, etc. I called her a cunt. I have never EVER used this word before, but she just blew it off with the unintelligent word- Whatever. An acquaintance tried to stick up for me, bad ass that the bitch was trying to be didn't do anything. It was pretty much left there.
I went on with my day believing that it still could be the best day ever(me and my optimism). It was fantastic and really easy. Then I got back on the bus....
I took my seat with my brother and immediately heard her talking about how she was going to hit me in the head or pull my hair WITHIN MY EARSHOT!!!! I asked my brother to trade places(Me on the inside, him on the outside), and the amazing brother that he is just moved with out asking why. The bus came to a halt at her stop and someone said that I had called her a cunt(probably a friend of hers). EVERYONE from that stop, and I made absolutely sure that no one heard me call her that, agreed that it was me that called her that. They were ALL on her side- home side advantage I guess. The bus diver stood up for me, she gave me her last name and said go ahead. I am going to sue her if she even touches me. Done. DONE! DONE!!!! I am DONE WITH THE BITCH!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Catch up.

It seems as though I am doing more catch up posts than actual posts these days. Anyway, I have a few Movie reviews... Bangkok Dangerous and City of Ember (see below). I am reading Fahrenheit 4 5 1 in English. It's about a man who is mentally pushed to think in a society where walking was illegal and unsafe, large TVs are on every wall with literally mindless shows, books are burned by firemen that cause fires, and thinking is illegal. This may turn out to be the best book I have ever read(I am on page 18 at the moment). Today, I was singing in Women's Choir, and this beautiful line hit me like a truck sliding into a semi in the icy dead of winter(SLAM). Don't steal it. I am putting into the book I am writing.... "As she stood, the vibrations springing from the grand piano danced merrily through the sheet music she held in her hands, sending the notes strait into her heart." Any(I really do mean any(reasonably of course) suggestions for my story at all I could use. Thanks!

City of Ember

A city is built underground with a box set to open in 200 years. Now with natural curiosity, two young girls and a boy attempt to seek the above world when the city with no natural light begins to have black outs. Why have LCD and HD TVs when your TV is so synced into the room that the power goes off right at an important moment. I didn't finish the movie then, because the power didn't come back on for a while, but I watched the rest of it last night. It was fantastic, definitely a family movie. I rated it a 4.

Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous. Oh My God. Nicholas Cage/Action Movie OF THE YEAR!! The plot had me on the edge of my seat. It involves an assassin(Cage) on his "final run." This assassin receives pictures of the people he is supposed to kill. When he goes to Bangkok(hints at the title), he makes an apprentice. This apprentice is a native and helps him along the way. Now, it is a little racy, so I wouldn't recommend you watch it with your 10 year old... nudity. As the story goes along, the assassin has a deaf love interest, and the movie ends with a cliff hanger.... What cliff exactly, I am not sure. I give it a 3.7.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Midterms are officially over!

I got my test results back! I did REALLY well. I won't share because of confidentiality reasons and I didn't do as well as I would have liked on most of them. Another hint that I am an amazing student is that the scores ranged from 81-89, with the exception of one grade, passing, but I am not happy with it.
An on again off again friend tried to cause some drama today by telling my best guy friend that I wanted to date him... I didn't. He was supposedly heart-broken after "dating" me for 5 minutes(3 of which I didn't even know about!). Obviously, we are now off again. Probably for good. I just had to trust her words... which were most likely lies... I'm going to talk to him tomorrow. I am sure he will understand she's just a bitch.